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Monday, January 10, 2011

Intro to My Reviews

Since I’ll be posting a few book reviews soon, I thought I’d better explain how this works.  I separate each review into eight categories, explained below.  That way I try to touch on every aspect of the book.  First look, setting, characters, plot, writing, and cliche-ness all get a star rating from one to five, which calculates the final score.

First Look: Here’s where I’ll give my first impressions before I start reading.  Covers, jackets, titles, summaries, etc. are all options that you might see me praising and/or criticizing. 

Fairly self-explanatory.  Time period is included in this, as well as the place the story happens. 

How were the characters?  Were they dull or unrealistic?  Warning: I have a tendency to dislike main characters. *coughHarryPotterEragonPercyJacksoncough*  Or was I on the edge of my seat rooting for them because they were just plain awesome?

Plot: Did I like the actual problem of the story?  Was there one?  Was it boring and predictable, or awesome and epic?

Writing: How was the grammar (you’d think it would be perfect in published books, but sadly, it sometimes isn’t)?  Did the voice stand out?

What did I like about this book?  Was there anything in particular that appealed to me?

Not-so-great: Opposite of likes.  What bothered me?  What didn’t work?

How unique was it?  Did reading this give me déjà vu?

Total Score:
How did I like it, overall?  Would I recommend it to anyone, or will I be telling random people at the library to stay away from it?


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