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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Joys of Finals Week

Finals week is here for pretty much everyone, and students are driving themselves crazy studying.  I'm not kidding; people seem either half-dead or hyper this week.

One word, guys: chocolate.

Surprisingly, this is actually an opportunity for writers.  You know that time after a test where you just sit there, staring at the clock and thinking that somebody really should fix it because it's going so slow?  Why not use it?  It's a good time to write or read.  The good thing about school (yes, there is one), is that it's full of paper.  And it's quiet, and some teachers will let you use your ipod.  Don't we all wish we had more time to write without distractions?  Well, here's a way to snag a few minutes here and there.

Good luck on your finals, if you have them.  And please, don't kill yourself studying.


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