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Friday, January 14, 2011

Secrets of the Legend Chaser

This post is to tell you about the book I'm currently working on, tentatively titled Secrets of the Legend Chaser (formerly Emerald Spark).  There was a discussion on Inkpop awhile back where the challenge was to describe our book as a combination of other books and movies.  What I came up with was: Secrets of the Legend Chaser is a mix of Cornelia Funke's Dragon Rider and one of the best movies of all time, How to Train Your Dragon, with a touch of The Parent Trap.  And probably a bit of Christopher Paolini's Eragon.  At the core it's a story about forgiveness and truth.  And adventure, of course.  It's got lots of dragons, an ambitious brother-in-law, an old cave, a water system, a maze-like castle, emerald scales on a lakeshore, and a set of scheming twins.
Here's the summary:

Nothing is ever as it seems when you're chasing a legend.

Davi is a boy with a unique goal. Centuries ago, dragons nearly went extinct. Now he's taken it upon himself to bring them back. When he overhears talk of a secret hoard of eggs, a legend passed down from dragon to hatchling since their retreat, of course he's going to search for it. And he's taking the peasant girl Ayin, the street thief Char, and the young dragon Spark along with him.

Miles away, a lonely king has finally found his son, the prince who went missing five years ago. Or has he? The shy boy can't recall being a prince, and he's certainly not cut out for the job.

Davi soon finds out that chasing after a legend isn't as epic as it sounds. He isn't the only one who wants the eggs, and not all the remaining dragons are accepting of the three humans. A responsibility he's been avoiding for years is now coming back to haunt him. Everything seems to be falling apart, for both him and the king...

The last thing Davi wants is to go back to who he used to be. But as the tension mounts, he doesn't seem to have a choice.

Right now my word count is close to 30,000.  My goal is about 75,000, which is just a bit shorter than the first Harry Potter book.  If anybody's interested, the songs Prodigal by OneRepublic and Syndicate by The Fray almost seem like they were written for this story.

Besides, who doesn't want to read a book where a street thief fights a dragon with frozen biscuits?

Click here to read the first few chapters!


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