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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Intro to Music Reviews

I'm going to try an experiment. Pretty soon I'm going to start posting music reviews whenever I buy a CD. Like the book reviews, they'll be separated into categories. Unlike the book reviews, however, they won't be as in-depth, because I know more about writing books than making popular music.

Genre: This won't be a star rating. It's just to let you know what kind of music it is.

First Look: Is the cover cool? Was I really excited to get this? (Keep in mind that most of these ratings will be buy, because I like to be fairly sure I'll love something before I buy it.)

Vocals: Does the artist have an awesome voice? *coughRyanTeddercough* Do his/her/their songs show that?

Music: By this, I'm referring to the instruments other than voices. Did it sound cool? Were there too many other instruments, too few?

Cleanness: This will always be five stars for me, because I only buy perfectly clean music. I just feel like I need to include that for others.

Lyrics: Were the words interesting and poetic *coughRyanTedderagaincough*, or were they boring and just like every other song?

Uniqueness: How much does this artist make themselves stand out from the crowd?

My Favorite Song: Self-explanatory.

Likes: Again, this needs no explaining.

Dislikes: And yet again.

Overall: Here I'll discuss my final thoughts about it, and whether or not I'd recommend it.

Keep in mind that this is an experiment. I may keep it up, I may not. :)  Also, I need to give you a heads-up right now: I'll probably end up comparing everything I buy to OneRepublic.  That's just how I am.


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