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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Sword and the Flame (Dragon King Trilogy #3) by Stephen R. Lawhead

The Sword and the FlameSometimes the greatest evil lies within.

The Dragon King who rules the land of Mensandor is none other than Quentin, whose courage and heroism have slowly transformed him from an orphaned servant into a war hero, respected leader, and a fierce man of faith.

But even the powerful can fall prey to weakness. The world is turned upside-down when the dark sorcerer Nimrood--long thought dead after a battle with the previous Dragon King--returns with a fearsome plan. Shattered by the death of a dear and trusted friend, the abduction of his beloved son, and the loss of his enchanted sword, Quentin finds his faith tested like never before.

In The Sword and the Flame, the final volume of Stephen R. Lawhead's captivating Dragon King Trilogy, the fate of the entire world depends on the outcome of this climactic battle between good and evil.
First Look: *****Of course, the first two were amazing, so I knew this had to be amazing too. My cover (the reddish and white one) is okay, but while searching for an online picture I found this other one, which is cooler. I'm posting both because I can.
Setting: ***** I want to live in this world. No joke. That's how good it is. As I read I could vividly see it all around me.
Characters: ***** Awesome. That's the best word to sum it up. They were all very complex, and even Quentin's crazy mood swings/spazz moments were believable. Prince Gerrin is adorable.
Plot: ***** Um, this is epic fantasy. How can it not have a killer plot? This is better than the first two combined, plotwise. 
Cliché-ness: ***** Quentin broke a stone altar. I do believe Aslan did that too. Other than that, it was fine.
Writing: ***** All writers seriously need to read this. It's like taking a crash course in using powerful description. Now, if only I could write like that...

The Sword and the Flame (The Dragon King Trilogy, #3)Likes: I loved the added spiritual-ness of this third book.  The first two books had some pretty serious religious symbolism, but this one threw out the symbolism and wove God directly into the storyline.  It really brought the whole thing together.  So if you have something against Christian books, don't even bother with this.

Not-so-great: Here it is again.  There's a castle steward guy named Oswald.  Why?  And these other covers are cooler than mine.  (that one's mine -->)
Total Score: ***** Yes, of course I would recommend this!  Beautiful writing, an epic plot, awesome characters...what's not to love?  And it's the best kind of fantasy.  Read it, unless you don't want the religiousness. 


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