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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Series Spotlight: Pendragon by D. J. MacHale

The Merchant of Death (Pendragon, #1) Pendragon: Journal of an adventure through space and time (and sheer amazingness)

 Bobby Pendragon is a seemingly normal fourteen-year-old boy. He has a family, a home, and even Marley, his beloved dog. But there is something very special about Bobby.
He is going to save the world.

And not just Earth as we know it. Bobby is slowly starting to realize that life in the cosmos isn't quite
what he thought it was. And before he can object, he is swept off to an alternate dimension known as Denduron, a territory inhabited by strange beings, ruled by a magical tyrant, and plagued by dangerous revolution.

If Bobby wants to see his family again, he's going to have to accept his role as savior, and accept it wholeheartedly. Because, as he is about to discover, Denduron is only the beginning....

I think it's safe to say that Pendragon is the best series out there for young adults.  It's just that amazing.  There are so many things I love about it...where do I start?

This series has an insanely awesome cast of characters.  There's...
Raven RiseMark Dimond, the nerdy best friend, Spader the fun-loving water guy, Siry the pirate, Nevva Winter the Severus Snape wannabe, Loor the warrior who could beat Chuck Norris any day with her eyes closed, Uncle Press the obnoxious info-withholding uncle that we all wish we had, and more.  And of course we have Bobby Pendragon, all-purpose hero, basketball star, and sometimes quite idiotic teenage boy.  And we can't forget Saint Dane, the ultimate in irony, the very guy who's trying to destroy everything that has ever existed.  Did I mention the robots?

It also has lots of variety with settings.  Sick of Denduron's snowy primitiveness?  No matter--the next book will take place on a completely different dimension!  Examples: a not-too-distant future where everyone is absorbed in their own virtual utopia, a world ruled by...felines (kitties for Keaton!), a water wonderland, 1937 New York, and more!  

And then there's the action and sheer epicness.  I mean, Bobby's trying to save everything that ever existed.  That's around 14 on the epic scale of one to ten.  Nonstop action.  Fight scenes.  Fight scenes with robots.  Fight scenes with shapeshifters.  Fight scenes within fight scenes.*  Oh, did I mention robots yet?  Suspense?  Check!  Will you be attacking the library to demand the next book in the series?  Of course.

And on top of all that (It can get better?  Whoa!), there's the quotes.  Hilarious quotes.  Quotes like:
"I'm the terrorist.  Do what I say or I'll terrorize you."
"I'm sorry I hurt your hand with my face."
"Note to self: stop thinking."
"There are two kinds of people in this world: those who fear clowns, and...clowns."

The Quillan Games (Pendragon, #7)So, my question to you is...what on Earth  on Second Earth  in Halla are you waiting for?  Go get the first one now!

The series: Click here for the Goodreads info.
1. The Merchant of Death
2. The Lost City of Faar
3. The Never War (epic title, right?)
4. The Reality Bug
5. Black Water
6. The Rivers of Zadaa
7. The Quillan Games
8. The Pilgrims of Rayne
9. Raven Rise
10. The Soldiers of Halla
11. *sob*

And so we go.  This is the way is was meant to be.  Is anyone else hungry for some gloid and sniggers right about now?

*Not really.  I don't think that's possible.  I was just on a role.

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  1. I definitely love this series too.
    I think my favourite aspect of the series was the honesty of it all. Bobby provides simple explanations to crazy cool worlds, and does it all while being relatable and tastefully comedic. It's an epic story, but it's made to be enthralling by what it is, not necessarily how it's said to be.
    This review was great and to anyone reading this who hasn't real Pendragon, you really, really, reeeaallllllllly should.


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