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Friday, April 1, 2011

Poll Results-March 2011

Here are the poll results for March 2011.  The question was What is your favorite genre to read? 
Fantasy                               8     
Romance                            3     
Paranormal/Supernatural   3
Realistic Fiction                  2      
Science Fiction                   1   
Historical Fiction                1
Steampunk                         1

The results really aren't surprising, especially since some of these genres overlap others.  Personally, I would have voted for fantasy, sci-fi-, and steampunk.  And anyway...who doesn't like fantasy?  It's the best!

The poll for April 2011 is....
What is your preferred writing medium?
Computer keyboard
Pen and notebook
Pencil and notebook
Depends on my mood

If you say other, tell us what it is!  Also, here's the bonus poll: If you write in a notebook, do you use cursive or not?


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