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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Secrets of the Legend Chaser: The Soundtrack

Most of us have a playlist our soundtrack for our book.  It's what we listen to in order to get us in the writing mood.  Your friends ask you what you're listening to, and you reply "My book's soundtrack.  Duh."  There are just certain songs that could have been written for our stories.
Here's my playlist (no particular order):

1. The entire How to Train Your Dragon soundtrack.
It's epic writing music.  That's all I can say.

2. Prodigal by OneRepublic
This song is actually about the prodigal son, from the Bible story.  I discovered while writing that SotLC has some parallels to that story.

"Run away, run away like a prodigal/don't you wait for me, don't you wait for me/so ashamed, so ashamed/but I need you so/and you'll wait for me, and you'll wait for me...."

3. Never Say Never by The Fray
For starters, this is such an amazing song.  The Fray is awesome.  And besides, my book uses the phrase "...younger now than we were before..."

"Never say never, while we don't know yet/time and time again/younger now than we were before/don't let me go..."

4. Secrets by OneRepublic
There's one particular chapter that fits nicely with this.  At one point, my character feels sick of all his secrets, and he pretty much yells them all out.

"So tell me what you want to hear/something to delight those ears/I'm sick of all the insincere/so I'm giving all my secrets away/this time, don't need another perfect line/don't care if critics never jump in line/I'm giving all my secrets away..."

5. Runaway by The Afters
Because my MC is a runaway.  And the line "it's not too late to look back..." could have been written for it.  Except for the part about the phone.  There are no phones in my book.  Unless Revan invented one; I'm sure he could do that.

"I know you're out there tonight/looking for somewhere to hide/hey, hey, hey/you don't have to run away/you're hanging over the edge/it's not too late to look back/hey, hey, hey/you don't have  to run away..."

6. Syndicate by The Fray
This is the kind of song that makes me wonder if Isaac Slade has read my book.  It's perfect.

"Baby, close your eyes/don't open till the morning light/don't ever forget we haven't lost it all yet/all we know for sure is all that we're fighting for/baby, don't forget we haven't lost it all yet..."

7. Come Home by OneRepublic
This almost made me cry when I was writing my prologue.  I'm not even kidding.

"So I say to you/come home, come home/I've been waiting for you/for so long, so long/right now there's a war between the vanities/but all I see is you and me/the fight for you is all I've ever known/come home..."

8. I'm You by Leona Lewis
Because Davi is someone.  And someone is Davi.  It'd be a spoiler if I explained that to you.

"So you think I'm strong, but you're feeling that you're week/maybe I'm you/but we're one and the same, so you're just as strong as me/maybe I'm you/and we deserve better, it's time for us to leave/'cause I'm not a fool, so neither are you/maybe I'm you..."

9. Tyrant by OneRepublic
Well, the bad guy has to have a song, right?

"And it feels so real/from the outside looking in/and it feels so real from the outside..."

There are more, but I won't post them all.  Yes, I do like OneRepublic.  Just a little.

Over to you, Oh Faithful Blog Followers of Awesomeness!  What's on your book's playlist?


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