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Saturday, May 28, 2011

ABC Saturday: C is for Cats

Annie has never had a cat, but she loves them.  They're just so cute, and soft, and all that.  Black cats aren't a bad omen--they're gorgeous.

Some people were talking the other day about how if you want to know who in a room is allergic to cats, just bring in a cat and they'll come to that person.  Guess what?  It's true.  Annie is allergic to cats.  Does that stop her from petting them?  Ah, no.  Of course not.

Annie's always been a cat person.  She likes dogs, sure, but she likes cats more.  She loves how smart, athletic, and agile they are.

An old picture of a cat and Annie.  That cat's name is Snape, by the way.  Yes, that is Annie's fault.  Yes, that cat is female.
Of course, Annie also likes big cats.  Like tigers.  And white tigers.  And jaguars, and leopards...  The white tigers, though, will always be her favorite.
Aren't they just the cutest things?


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