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Saturday, May 14, 2011

ABC Saturday: A is for Annie

Annie decided to borrow the idea of several different bloggers, and do an ABC list of herself.  She will write the entire thing in third person, just because she finds that amusing.  Here goes!

A is for Annie.  As you probably know, Annie is the name of the person who writes this blog.  Her real name is actually Anne (yes, with an E).  Nobody calls her Anne, though, except teachers and one certain friend*. 

The name Anne means grace.  Annie finds this very ironic, as she is anything but graceful.  She can’t dance.  She tends to trip, but only when there’s a sign warning her not to.  The only place she can be graceful is on horseback, where she actually gets decent dressage scores.  Egg-and-spoon?  Well, that’s another story.

Annie’s middle name is…you guessed it…Marie.  Since Marie is a form of Mary, and Mary was the mother of Jesus, you’d think it would have a nice meaning.  Nope.  Mary/ie actually means bitterness, or something on that order.  Ha.  Is Annie bitter?  No.  And she doesn’t really like bitter-tasting things.  Fun Fact: The mother of the biblical Mary was named Anne.

Annie’s last name is Riddle.  And her middle name is Marvolo.  No, not really.  Did you really think she'd tell you her last name?  To you, her last name can be…*scratches head*  Well, her name in The Hunger Games is Annie Odair.  But that sounds weird.  Annie had a dream once where her last name was Snape, which somehow changed to Malfoy halfway through.  She doesn’t want to think too hard on that one.  To you, her last name will be Droid.  Get it?  Her name is Anne Droid.  Beat that.
So, your name is Annie?  Like Little Orphan Annie? *whistles “Tomorrow”*  No, actually, not like that at all. She can’t stand the song “Tomorrow”.  It’s surprising how annoying a musical can get when people like to compare you to the main character. 

That being said, Annie wouldn’t change her name.  She’s okay with it.  No other name really fits her, anyway.  If she had to change, though, she thinks Jackie is nice.  Or Astrid**.  She thinks Annabeth is a pretty name, but she isn’t Annabeth Chase, even if their personalities are remarkably similar.  Or she could be Miranda, or Ella, or Olivia, or Andromeda or Arabella or Erin or Lily or she really should stop now.

* Um, buddy, I mean.
** This has nothing whatsoever to do with Astrid from How to Train Your Dragon.  Or Astrid from Gone, no matter how much she loves those two as characters.


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