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Saturday, June 4, 2011

ABC Saturday: D is for Dolphins

Annie loves dolphins.  In fact, she just plain loves marine mammals in general, but dolphins have always been her favorite.  They're just so gorgeous, and graceful in the water!  Plus, they're smart.  And family oriented.  And they use echolocation.  How cool is that?

Fun fact: Annie once slept on the concrete floor of the Minnesota Zoo, directly in front of the dolphin tank.  Near the sharks and the tide pools.  She really wants to do it again.

Annie also really likes orcas.  She doesn't call them killer whales because they're neither killer nor whales.  They're actually dolphins.  Yes, they kill animals as their prey, but not any more than, say, a lion or something.  But lions aren't called killer lions, are they?
Annie can also play the Free Willy theme on the piano.  She's proud of that.


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