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Saturday, June 18, 2011

ABC Saturday: F is for Flute

Annie has been playing flute for five years, and counting.  She'd love to know how many hours she's spent on it.  Let's just say it would be a very high number.  She plays in the high school band, and takes lessons, and lettered this year in what everyone knows is the coolest activity around (Ha.  Nice try.)...pep band! 

Annie also started playing piccolo a year or so ago.  It's so TINY and cute!  She loves it.  It's so much easier to carry than, say, a tuba.  Its name is Rodney, but there's a very long story involved with that and she doesn't want to waste blog space with it.

She has discovered that her piccolo comes in very handy when she's trying to get a large group of people to be quiet.  Just blast the quadruple high C, and bam, everybody stops talking and covers their ears!  It's almost surprising that those notes don't break windows.  Just image the treble clef for a minute.  Normal instruments can play a line or two above that, maybe.  Flutes can go seven or more.  And a piccolo?  Double that.  It's an insane number of ledger lines, so shrill that everything has to be written an octave lower to fit on the music.  What is the highest note a piccolo can play called?  For your sake, let's just call it insane.    

If she wasn't playing flute, she'd definitely be playing percussion.  Or bass clarinet.  She never wishes that she could switch, though...except when she's trying to trill the triple high C# or something.  Then percussion sounds like a better deal.  But she loves her flute. 


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