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Saturday, June 25, 2011

ABC Saturday: G is for Glasses

Yes.  Annie wears glasses. They're purple, of course.   She's been a four-eyes since sixth grade.  Her vision isn't too bad, but she still needs them.  She won't run into walls without them, but she'd have trouble reading a billboard from inside the car. She hates it when she's not wearing them and people do dumb things like ask "How many fingers am I holding up?"    Why doesn't she get contacts?  She hates it when people ask that, too.  What makes contacts so much better than glasses, anyway?  She's happy with her glasses (though they're inconvenient for volleyball), so why change?
And anyway, lots of cool people wear glasses.  Harry Potter wears them.  Arthur wears them (ha).  And anyway, about three-quarters of Americans need some sort of vision correction.  So there.


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