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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Song and A Message

I was going to post about block description or something today.  Look at that: I can't even remember.  Wow.  Anyway, I had a post all planned out.  That is, until something slightly weird happened.

I don't know.  I was probably just too emotionally involved in my book that I wasn't quite processing the real world.  But take awesome weirdness as it comes, right?*

You've probably experienced a weird moment where it feels like God is speaking to you.  Through your iPod.  You're just sitting there, and suddenly, a song plays that fits exactly with whatever you're going through, whatever mood you're in.  Sure, shuffle is random, but the timing is just way too perfect to be coincidence.**

Well, yesterday I had a moment like that.  It was like God was speaking through my characters through my iPod.  I found the most amazing, perfect song, for my characters, and for just my writing in general.  Yes, the song is about life, but it could also be about a writer's characters.  I played the song twice.

And here you have it: Beautiful Words, by The Afters.  From the album Never Going Back to OK.

Enjoy.  The Afters are amazing, anyway.

Have you ever had any weird iPod-communication moments?  Or just any awesome songs that played at the right time?  Please share!

*Well, that's my life motto, at least.  (Okay, not really.)
**This is not counting the time when I asked my iPod "How will I die?" and pressed shuffle.  The first song to come up was "Dragon Battle" from the How to Train Your Dragon soundtrack.  I felt amazingly epic.


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