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Friday, June 10, 2011

Team Flair

If you haven't already guessed, I like flair.  You know, those little buttons you can collect on Facebook.  I've got 290 and counting.  Yes, 290.  And only three of those were given to me by a friend. I'll tell you what each one is a reference to at the end, just so you can try to guess them all.  If you got 'em all (You're supposed to imagine me singing that like in the Pokemon theme song), comment!  You'll get an...e-cupcake!

I've noticed that ever since the Team Edward/Team Jacob thing started, a lot of other 'teams' have come about.  Here are all the team whatever flair that I have in my collection:

1. You don't want to know how hard I laughed when I saw this.
2. Yes.  He is.  Of course.

3. I just like this movie.  And I wish I had his talent.
4. Self-explanatory.
5. You're right!  He's more than that!  He's also my favorite character!

6. Take that!  Frosting is the final defense of the dying!

7. Then life would've been better for everyone.

8.  (The small print says: "because for some people, it's hard to see who the real hero is". )  He will always be my favorite character, no matter how many of my other favorite characters he ends up killing.
9. This one is making fun of the "Come to the dark side, we have cookies!" flair.
10. Yes.  Or Jayfeather, actually...

11. "The pen is mightier than the sword", they say.  I'd be team pen.  But why choose?

 1. Lord of the Flies 2. The Gone Series 3. August Rush 4. Dragons in our Midst/Oracles of Fire 5. Gone 6. The Hunger Games 7. Twilight 8. Eragon 9. Flair 10. Warriors 11. Percy Jackson and the Olympians                              
This has been another by Annie.

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