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Saturday, July 23, 2011

ABC Saturday: I is for iPod

If you ask people "What would you do without music?", most would shrug and say "Eh, life'd be more boring and lonely."

If you ask Annie, she'll flat-out say "I'd die."  And she believes it, too.  But thankfully, she doesn't have to live in that sad, musicless world, because she's got her iPod to keep her happy.

Annie has a lot of David Archuleta music on her iPod.  Every single song he's released but one, to be exact.  And OneRepublic.  And Jordin Sparks and Leona Lewis and The Fray.  She also likes Taylor Swift, Britt Nicole, The Afters, Owl City, Kelly Clarkson, Kerrie Roberts, and more.

This is the most played song on Annie's iPod.  Say (All I Need) by OneRepublic. Her favorite. I dare you to tell her Ryan Tedder's voice isn't amazing.

The second most played song.  Never Say Never by The Fray.

And another amazing song.  Sweet and Low by Augustana.


  1. I love that this whole post is in third person. I don't think I could keep that up for this long haha.

    If Ryan Tedder is OneRepublic, then I'm daring to tell Annie that this voice isn't amazing. I base this mostly off his serious and consistent pitch problems:
    and the fact that he was easily outshined by an unsigned artist:

    That song by The Fray is great, and I'd never heard that particular Augustana song.

  2. Omgosh! You know Britt Nicole too? :D I love her! She's one of my favorite Christian artists. Do you know Fireflight or Kyrstal Meyers? OneRepublic and The Afters are really good too.

  3. @Booklover: Well, I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinions. And yeah, typing in third person is challenging sometimes.

    @Peony: I've actually only listened to Britt Nicole once or twice on YouTube. I was going to by the album, but I told myself I'd wait until I finished my book. Then my aunt bought the CD for me. So now it's taunting me by sitting in my iTunes. Yay, someone who actually knows The Afters!


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