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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I'm On a Roll

This post will be random.  I'm just warning you now.

Here are a few things that you might or might not care about.

  • First off, you might have heard of Rebecca Black's new song My Moment.  While I still don't care for her voice or her songs, the lyrics to this made me grin.  I like how she basically tells the haters that she's going to keep doing what she loves to do, no matter what.  I admire her for that.  And anyway, there's this theory out there that the song Friday is actually about the JFK assassination.  Which is actually pretty clever, if you ask me.  
  • I'm just on a roll here.  First I make an appearance in The Hunger Games (and marry Finnick, at that).  Now I'm in an Owl City song.  Yes, no joke.  Here it is.
  • Teen Ink has an amazing article that you all need to go read, right now.  It's about different ways writers can stand up to the bullies that try to put them down because of their writing.  Read it.  NOW!
  • Looking at my blog stats sometimes raises interesting questions.  Apparently someone searched "Bobby Pendragon relation to astral projection" and came here.  So now my question is...what is Bobby Pendragon's relation to astral projection, and why would someone search it?
  • I have 30 followers!  Thanks so much!  You guys are all awesome! 
That's all, for now.  I think.  Maybe I'll add if I think of something.  Hope you enjoyed those little bursts of randomness.
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    1. I saw Rebbeca Black's new song and I personally think it's good that she's not letting everyone put her down and that she's doing what she really loves. And who knows, maybe she'll get better one day.

      I had someone google ""carmen webster buxton" review" and found my blog through it. I have no idea what it is. I'm assuming it's a book or an author.

      I love that article you found on there! I just read it and it's good. :) Yeah, go writers!


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