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Sunday, July 31, 2011

In My Epic Mailbox: (1) Cue the Darth Vader Theme

I've seen this on other blogs, and I decided it was time to start my own version of In My Mailbox.  Here's how it works: every Sunday, I'll feature the books that I've accumulated that week from who-knows-where.  It's just an experiment, since I tend to get a huge pile of books one week, then nothing for the next two weeks, then repeat.  I got a jackpot this week.
Divergent (Divergent #1)
I received this from another one of those Inkpop contests.  It's about time I got my hands on a copy.  It looks purely amazing, though it wasn't quite as large as I expected.
Nightspell (Mistwood, #2)
Another Inkpop Weekly Challenge win.  Mistwood was just okay, but I'm hoping this will be better.

The Miracle Stealer
From the library.  I've picked it up a few times, then put it down, so I just decided to grab it.

The Girl in the Steel Corset (Steampunk Chronicles, #1)
From the library.  We'll see about this one....

The Doomsday Box: A Shadow Project Adventure
Yay!  I finally got this from the IWC.  The title just sends the Darth Vader theme running through my head.

A Need So Beautiful (A Need So Beautiful, #1)
The book that I didn't pick out; it just came with the contest.  Doesn't look overly interesting, but I'll try it....

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