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Thursday, July 14, 2011

It Ends. At Midnight. Or 12:02, To Be Exact.

Tonight is the night, people.  The final Harry Potter movie comes out.  I'm happy to say I'm going to the midnight showing, which should be exciting because 1) it's my first ever midnight movie and 2) it's...well...Harry Potter. 

So, to is all my Harry Potter related flair.  I hope I amused somebody, at the very least.  Enjoy.

Yes.  I said it.

Now, if only someone could tell me which is which...
Yes, I got your texts.  All nine thousand of them.
Nice hair, Malfoy.  Did you know that your cane is in SkyMall?

It's Draco.  'Nuff said.
Because, you know...gotta poke fun at Twilight.
It's not HP related, but it's anti-Twilight, so...
No!  Not the Zefron poster!
This brings to mind another great movie.  "I'm really beginning to question your teaching methods!"

How true.

Did you turban just sneeze?
Awww, come on.  Really?
Move over, Jonas Brothers!
The best quote from all seven books.

Yes!  How true!
I knew it, I knew it!

I will go there someday.  And it will be awesome.

And then my life would be complete.
I want Hermione Granger!  And a rocket ship.
I actually just got a whole case of Squirt at Target.  I feel amazing.

Okay, I thought this was funny even before I read the books.
It's a pipe bomb!  Yaaaay!
Oh, Dobby's sock!
The all-purpose excuse.

Well, um...did you really expect me not to throw in an AF flair somewhere?
Fake noses, 30% off!

Sorry Edward.  By the way...the Aphrodite cabin wants their shimmer gel back.
Perfect way to end any conversation instantly.
Stab it!  With the sword of Gryffindor!
No caption needed!

What about you?  Are you excited?  Are you going to the midnight showing?  Are you just happy that it's all over?

1 comment:

  1. I love flair. :) Haha these are great. I can't wait to see the Harry Potter final movie, but I can't see it tonight because all the tickets are sold out! D:


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