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Sunday, August 7, 2011

In My Epic Mailbox: (2) Because I Missed Them Already

This will be a very small IMM, since I only got one book this week.  It didn't even come in my mailbox.  In fact, no books ever come in my mailbox.  They come from the library, or they go UPS.  And then I get home and my brother says to me, "Hey Annie!  Guess what came for you!"  And I say, "My books!"  He replies with "No!"  I glare, then he says "Yes, of course."

This week I finally got a copy of The Lost Hero from the library.  Because I finished the final Percy Jackson book a few weeks ago, and I miss all the half-bloods already.
The Lost Hero (The Heroes of Olympus, #1)
I'm assuming this will be very good, given that it's by Rick Riordan.  We shall see.

In other news this week...
I am one of the Pottermore chosen ones.  That's right.  I got in early to Pottermore.  I feel very, very awesome.  And magical.  And now I'm just waiting for that stupid email.  While I'm at it, here is a very amusing post on what it actually would cost to go to Hogwarts.

I went to Boy Scout camp.  Yes, that sounds weird, but I did.  And I had fun.  I took off at one point to go into town, where--I still can't get over this--I saw an Icemark themed jigsaw puzzle (from the book The Cry of the Icemark).  What?  I did some looking on Google, only to find that this isn't an uncommon thing.  So my question is, if this world has Icemark puzzles, what's next?  Twilight jigsaw puzzles?  *shudders*

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