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Saturday, September 10, 2011

ABC Saturday: M is for Music

Of course.  Honestly, what did you expect?  Remember the "I is for iPod post"?  Where Annie said that without music, she'd die?  Yep, it's the truth.

Annie plays the piano.  She also plays the flute, and the piccolo.  She plays in band, and piano in Jazz band.

For a school project last year, Annie had to interview several people about their music tastes.  Ever since then, she's wanted to interview herself.  Now I, Annie's wonderful little third-person narrator, will make that happen.
What is your favorite genre of music, and why do you like it?
I'm not quite sure what my favorite genre is.  Most of my favorite music is listed as rock, though in reality it's more of a cross between pop and rock.  So I guess I like alternative.  I like it because it can be so varied and the songs don't all sound alike like some genres I could mention.
Who is your favorite music artist, and why?
Hmm.  I guess I'd have to say, right now, that OneRepublic is my favorite.    I love their sound, and I love how their songs aren't all about love--they are also about life.  
What is your favorite song?
Right now, the most played song on my iPod is Onerepublic's "Say (All I Need)".
What does that song mean to you?
I love its message.  It speaks about materialism, and how you don't need things in order to be happy.   
Is there a song that you particularly dislike?  Why is that?
I can't stand "Teenage Dream" by Katy Perry (or anything by her, for that matter).  One, I don't like her voice.  Two, I hate the song's lyrics and message.  "Let's go all the way regrets..."  No regrets?  Really?  How 'bout when you're pregnant and your boyfriend dumps you?
How do you prefer to listen to music? (record, CD, radio, iPod, etc.)  Do you think it makes a difference? 
I prefer my iPod, simply because it has all my favorite songs.  Without commercials.  It does make a bit of difference, because when you listen to the radio you're exposed to different songs other than your own favorites.

How do you feel your life might be different without music?
I wouldn't be alive at all.
If you could pick any song as your theme song, what would it be?
David Archuleta's song "Works For Me" describes me pretty well.  "You say I don't know what I want/But it worked out just fine/You said it never could be done/But it worked out just fine/If it works for me, then it works for me..."
Is there a particular song/s with lyrics that you try to live by?
I think The Afters pretty much sum it up in their song "Love Lead Me On":  "Love lead me on/Where no one else has gone/Faith keep me strong/Love lead me on..."
Has listening to a certain song ever made you feel strong emotions (sad, angry, etc.)? 
"Teenage Dream" always makes me mad, of course.  Other than that, Britt Nicole's "When She Cries" (about a girl who cuts) is sad, yet hopeful.  And "My Immortal" by Evanescence is just beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time.
Do you think that the type of music a person listens to makes a statement about themselves? 
Absolutely.  I think that, without realizing it, most people like to listen to songs that speak personally to them, and that is reflected in each song they choose.
Do you think the type of music a person listens to can have a negative influence on them?  Positive? 
Yes.  If a person listens to songs that promote alcohol abuse, sex, or something, it's going to sink in whether they realize it or not.  Over time they'll get so used to these things in the song and they won't seem so bad in real life.
Do you prefer songs where you can “connect” with the lyrics, or does it not make a difference?
I do prefer when I have some way to connect with the song.  And yes, I count a song relating to my book as "connecting to the lyrics".
Do you prefer to listen to singers that are the same gender as yourself?  Why or why not?
I used to listen to more female singers, but now more of my favorites are males.  I don't care either way; each gender has good voices and bad ones.
What song/s do you listen to if you want to cheer up?
"Get Back Up" by TobyMac.  The lyrics are uplifting, and the song itself is upbeat and cheery.

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