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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Today is a Good Day

First, I won my tennis match (doubles, if anyone cares) 8-2, in spite of the wind nearly blowing our rackets out of our hands.  And I have no homework.  And I did well on my Honors Pre-calculus quiz.

But most of all...I'm getting published in Teen Ink magazine!  Okay, it's a haiku, but still.  I can't wait to see the actual magazine.  It's so cool to be published in it, because I've been trying to get this since I was twelve (shh, don't tell!).

There's a link to it right here.

Put in a good rating for me, while you're at it.

Also, I find it worth mentioning (yes, I am adding things to this post as I think of them) that I got sorted.  With the actual (okay, the Pottermore) sorting hat.  You'll never guess where it put me.

SLYTHERIN!!!!  I'm happy.  Here's proof.

Since today was my last tennis match, I'll be able to post a lot more often.  The last few weeks have been a cycle: wake up at some ungodly hour, school, tennis, homework, sleep.  Eating is somewhere in there, probably.  But now I'll try not to neglect the blog.

So, how about you?  What good things happened to you today?

PS: I think I see a photo blog in the near future.  Stay tuned. *winks*
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  1. Congratulations on the win, no homework (same for me in a sense, I got a project but it isn't due for a while), the quiz, AND getting published in Teenink! :D

    I tried signing up for Teenink but I didn't really understand how it worked. But I read Teenink at my library so I'll be looking for it!

    Plus, a photo blog sounds cool! :D

  2. @Sareh: Thanks! Teen Ink is actually a cool concept. You sign up online and submit work. If the editors like it enough, they publish it in the magazine. If not, people can still view and rate your article.

    @Erika: Yay!


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