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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

You Know You're a Writer When...

You know you're a writer when... point out typos in books. get out your pen and correct said typos. can work Microsoft Word better than anyone you know. know what POV and MC stand for.
...napkins, envelopes, and basically anything made of paper is fair game to write on.
...everything from a highlighter to a paintbrush is fair game to write with.'ve written on your phone and texted it to yourself. know the word count of your favorite books. ask too many 'what-if' questions because you know they might lead to story ideas. edit your friends' school essays for fun.
...the phrase "a picture is worth a thousand words" makes you scoff.
...buying notebooks gets you a little too excited. can quote yourself.'ve accidentally referred to your MC as if they were a real person. know what NaNoWriMo is. speak in third person.'re proud of the stereotype that writers are crazy.
...where normal people see an old box, they think nothing of it.  When you see that box, you think along the lines of "Wow, that would be a really great place to hide an ancient sword that actually has magical powers..." plan out dialogue in your head (sometimes complete with facial expressions). laughed when everyone got excited about the 18,000 words of new content on Pottermore, because you know how tiny that actually is. enjoy English class.
...words like "therefore" are part of your everyday vocabulary. have threatened to write someone in their book and kill them. love the smell of paper fresh off the copier.  And it feels warm, too... get hand cramps from writing.
....your Google search history includes things like "how to pick a lock", "how long will someone stay unconscious if knocked on the head", etc. start a blog as a more productive way to procrastinate. ignore important bodily functions such as eating in order to write. have the entire movie based on your book planned out--from actors to a credits song. text in paragraphs, with perfect grammar. just read this entire post, nodding the entire time.

I do...pretty much all of these.  Of course, all the non-writers are staring at me right now, thinking I'm nuts.  But I hope at least the writers could enjoy this.
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  1. Awesome post! I've been thinking of doing something like this. Anyways I can relate to pretty much more than half of this. :D

  2. I have done all of these except "you have threatened to write someone in their book and kill them" which I might try sometime in the near future...... :) Great blog by the way. Very interesting and very (like this post) true.


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