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Monday, October 10, 2011

The Fantasy Novelist's Exam

A while back, I came across a little something called The Fantasy Novelist's Exam.  I don't even remember how I found it. 

I think every single fantasy novelist should be required to take this test before they even consider writing a query letter.

Seriously.  How many fantasy novels simply copy Tolkein?  Or have fantasy "stereotypes"?  Or have swords that weigh a million pounds?*

So, if you're writing a fantasy novel, go ahead and take this little quiz.  The literary world will thank you for it.  Even if you pass (and answer question 74 very, very honestly!), it'll probably still warn you of something not to do.

And, if nothing else, it's amusing.  That should count for something.  

*I laugh when I'm reading a book and the character picks up a sword that is "surprisingly heavy".  Really?  Swords didn't weigh that much.  A couple pounds, at the most.  Nothing that would be tough for someone over three feet tall to handle.

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  1. Awesome exam! I just took it last night for one of my books, The Cursing, and it's NOT a LOTR rip off! As for one of my stories..well it kinda is...


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