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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Going Back

My thoughts on writing for today:

I'm going back to how I used to be.
To when I wrote for myself,
And no one else.
To when I didn't know what a query letter was, and
Didn't care, either.
To when WC stood for my Wonderful Creations,
Not my abysmal word count.
To when having a work in progress
Was not drowning, but flying.
To when my main character was more
Than just some adjectives on a planning sheet.
To when I shaped the words with careful hands,
Not roughly shoving them into place.
To when I wrote not because I could,
But because I couldn't live without it.

It's not a great poem (at best), but I think it sums up quite a bit.  We, as writers, need to remember why we started in the first place.  Hopefully I provoked at least a tiny bit of thought. 
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