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Sunday, October 16, 2011

I Got Organized...

...And sorted all of my current posts on writing into categories, for easier reference.  This can also be found under the "writing" tab, and will be updated whenever I post something about writing.

Here, I've compiled a list of all my posts on writing.  This way, if you need help with a particular topic, you can just click on the links for a specific help article.  Helpful, yes?  I'd recommend checking out my post on how to finish a book, as well.  Within 24 hours of when I posted it, it had become my most popular post by far, so apparently there's something worthwhile in it.

On Killing Characters (Saying Goodbye (aka Death by Prose))
Tips on Villains (A Villainous Post)
On "Normal" Characters (Normal is just a Cycle on the Washing Machine)
100 Things: A Character Development Activity (Character Development Part Uno: 100 Things)
Character Forms (Character Development Part Dos: The Giant Form of Doom)

Dealing with Criticism (I Hate Your Book!)
How to Get Published (Overview)
Generic Pitches (The Wal-Mart Pitch)
Write What You Love

Making it Interesting (Jazz It Up)
Thoughts on Endings
Trilogies (The Trilogy Trap)
Finding Book Ideas

Working with Microsoft Word
Dialogue Punctuation (The Dialogue Battle)
Tenses (Tense Tension)

Writer's Block (How to Battle Writer's Block and Emerge Victorious)
Advice on Chapters
Showing Vs. Telling
Tenses (Tense Tension)
The Mirror Trick (Don't Ever Do This #1: Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall)
Stating the Obvious (Thank You, Captain Obvious)

The Art/Joys/Pains/Insanity of Writing (A Writer's Life)
How To Finish a Book
Why Do We Write, Again? (Going Back)
Writer's Block (How to Battle Writer's Block and Emerge Victorious)
You Know You're a Writer When...
Thoughts on Endings
Killing Characters (Death by Prose)
Reactions to Being a Writer ("I'm writing a book."  "You're doing...what?")
Write What You Love
Finding Time to Write During Finals 

Advice for Non-Writers
55 Word Stories: A Writing Exercise (55oWriMo)

What do you think?  
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