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Friday, October 7, 2011

A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare

A Midsummer Night's DreamBefore reading my first Shakespeare:

Teacher: You're going to read Romeo and Juliet now.
Class: Groan...
Me: Oh, great.  A romance about an air-headed girl who ends up killing herself.  *prepares for hours of boredom*

Teacher: Wasn't that lovely?
Class: *blank stare*

After watching Romeo and Juliet movie:
Teacher: *pauses video to show us how attractive Leonardo diCaprio is...I'm not joking*
Boys: Guns!  Yay!
Girls: Leonardo!  *faint*
Me: What is this madness?

After reading Romeo and Juliet, I wanted to read some more Shakespeare.  Then I discovered that I could get it for free on my iPod.  Awesome?  Of course. 

I liked A Midsummer Night's Dream more than R&J.   First, it was funny.  I should start insulting people by calling them acorns.  And besides, only Shakespeare could write a whole rhyming monologue about how one guy is playing a wall. 

But mostly, I love the language.  Love.  It.  It's so poetic and awesome.  I really, really wish I could write like that.  I love poetry, and I love the rhyme.  I really enjoy how people just randomly start speaking in poetry during the play.  I wish people did that in real life.  I love the old-fashioned language, too.  Why don't we use these cool words anymore? 

Overall, this was great.  I loved it.  It was wonderfully poetic, with a great plot.  And humor.  I know this is a horribly one-sided review that only touches on some things, but...oh well.  Forgive me.  Shakespeare is officially one of my favorite authors now.  And for once, I actually liked a story with fairies. 

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  1. I wish i could have your love of the language in Shakespeare just for a few months! I can't stand Shakespeare. But Chaucer is worse. old English is just too old for my feeble brain.


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