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Saturday, October 15, 2011

To My High School

To my high school:

You go too far.  I can't comprehend how the rest of the student body doesn't see this as unacceptable. 

Putting signs up is all well and good, even if I do disagree with their message.  Freedom of speech, people.  Even if I did find one on my locker.  My locker.  You don't want to know how satisfying it was to recycle that piece of paper.   

But it's gotten out of hand.  Everywhere I look, I see these signs.  On the lockers.  On the walls.  On the doors.  Inside classrooms.  I even saw one in the band room.  It's gotten to the point where I can't look anywhere, it seems, without having one of these signs in my line of sight. 

And I disagree with all of them. 

Closets are for clothes.  Really?  I have half a mind to put a sign on my own locker that says "Closets are for clothes.  They're also for shoes and scarves and laundry and backpacks and old art projects and Narnia and suitcases and stuffed animals and...."

There's one that really gets me angry, though.  It doesn't just make a statement--it directly attacks me.  Yes, it attacks me, as a person.  It's insulting me.  It's calling me narrow-minded.  Straight, but not narrow.  So, just because I'm not in favor of this whole thing means I'm narrow-minded?

I don't understand.  How is it acceptable to put up signs directly attacking someone?  Because that's what they do.  Every time I see one, it's an insult.  I do take it personally. 

Another says that schools should be safe for everyone.  I lied before; I do agree with that one.  School should be a safe place.  People shouldn't feel like they're being personally attacked every single day.

But lately, I've been feeling that way.  I walk down the hallways, and I'm confronted with these signs everywhere.  There's no escape.  And I can't do a thing about them.  Why should I have to go to school every day and feel this helpless?  How is that okay? 

My problem is this: I strongly believe in standing up for what I believe in.  It's the way I am.  To me, not standing up is the equal to or worse than doing wrong.  But I don't know how I can stand up to this.  I can't put up my own signs, because the office would never approve them.  How is this fair?  They can say what they like, but I can't.  There's something very wrong with that. 

Ranting about this on my blog is my only outlet.  It's the only way I can let off all this steam.  While it accomplishes nothing, it might make me feel a bit better.  I don't even know if I'm going to post this.  I just needed to type it.  Feel free to ignore it. 

I know I'm being incredibly vague, here.  I'm sorry; if I'm more specific, then I'll wind up with a zillion comments arguing against my own personal beliefs, and I'm realy not in the mood for that. 

And besides, how am I going to manage to go a whole week without wearing purple?  Pretty much every piece of clothing I own is purple...

PS: Whatever floats your boat.  What?  That'll sink the boat, for sure. 
PPS: If you happen to be the person who crossed out certain things in the poster in the band room...*high five*
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  1. Gee, I'm so glad I'm not in school anymore.

    Who's putting these signs up?

  2. Totally agree. Everywhere I look people are talking about how great gays are and insulting people like us. Apparently I'm 'silly' and 'hateful' and 'narrow minded.' I think it's wrong to be gay, but I don't call them rude names. What they're doing is wrong.

    Anyways, I applaud you for this post. And I wish you all the best in NOT wearing purple. My clothes are virtually all purple, too, so I'm going to have trouble with this....

  3. I've never heard someone say that gays are great.

    I don't wear purple. Like ever. I tend to wear either black, white or blue.

  4. I'm agreeing with Elanor. While I think we should respect other people (aka, not call them names and stuff) I still think that cramming gay-rights down our throats is pushing it too far.

    Anyways, I must be "narrow-minded", "hateful", "racist" (because apparently gay people are their own race now), and "old-fashioned" too. I agree that it's wrong. In fact, it grosses me out, but that doesn't mean I'm going to be mean to them. I have a friend who's gay, and while it makes me uncomfortable, I'm not going to shun him.

    Also, purple is my favorite color, but that's because it's pretty.

    And I think it's sad how we aren't allowed to speak up like this. Gay people can speak up. Blacks (not being racist here, just an example) can speak up. But anytime a Christian or someone who doesn't agree with, say gays, speaks up, we're suddenly the bad guys. That's not fair. If they can have their freedom of speech, why can't we too?

  5. @Kamille Elahi: An organization that calls themselves the Gay Straight Alliance. They don't do anything, that I'm aware of, other than put up signs.

    @Elanor and Sareh: Yay! People who agree with me, and like purple at the same time!

  6. @ Sareh. There is no such thing as freedom of speech. It's an illusion to make you think you have freedom. The only people who have freedom are those who are in charge.

    I don't actually have a stance on gay people. Some of them are annoying in that they want to remind me every two minutes that they're gay (I don't actually care about what people are/aren't) but I don't really give a you know what about socially constructed groups in general. I do think that gay people should be allowed to get married though. I've met religious people who are against it but I've had to remind them that marriage didn't start with religion.

    What do you mean by "us"?


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