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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Brisingr (Inheritance #3) by Christopher Paolini

Brisingr (Inheritance, #3)Oaths sworn... 
Loyalties tested... 
Forces collide.

Following the colossal battle against the Empire’s warriors on the Burning Plains, Eragon and his dragon, Saphira, have narrowly escaped with their lives. Still there is more at hand for the Rider and his dragon, as Eragon finds himself bound by a tangle of promises he may not be able to keep.

First is Eragon’s oath to his cousin Roran: to help rescue Roran’s beloved, Katrina, from King Galbatorix’s clutches. But Eragon owes his loyalty to others, too. The Varden are in desperate need of his talents and strength—as are the elves and dwarves. When unrest claims the rebels and danger strikes from every corner, Eragon must make choices— choices that take him across the Empire and beyond, choices that may lead to unimagined sacrifice.

Eragon is the greatest hope to rid the land of tyranny. Can this once-simple farm boy unite the rebel forces and defeat the king?

 Ah, Brisingr.  This book was a huge disappointment to many fans who weren't aware of the just-kidding-guys-I'm-turning-the-trilogy-into-a-cycle thing.  To tell you the truth, I was a bit disappointed when I learned there would be four books instead of three, because then I'd have to wait years for the final book to come out.  But I soon got over that, because hey--now we've got four lovely Inheritance books, instead of three!

What can I say about this series that I haven't already said?  I sound like a skipping CD, but I loooooove this series so much.

We see some interesting things happening in this book.  We see Roran turned soldier, then whipping boy (and during the flogging scene all I could think was "Christ figure alert!  Christ figure alert!".  Freshman English taught me well). We see that Murtagh may still have a flicker of a conscience.  We see Nasuada briefly turn emo.   We see that Eragon has huge trouble functioning without Saphira there to guide him in matters of common sense.  While these are all interesting enough on their own, put them together and you get a masterpiece of character development.  Each character is so fleshed-out, so unique.  Even after close to two thousand pages, we're still learning about them, and they're still growing and changing and I still love them. 

We also see Glaedr cough up his soul, straight into Eragon's hands.  The whole thing about the Eldunari is genius, and fits perfectly with the rest of the story.  Paolini outdid himself with that concept.  And know we all know what's in the Vault of Souls. 

I laughed when Angela told Eragon to "Watch out for ferrets!".  I also laughed when I read this:

"Your ring is full of light!" exclaimed Varaug, his eyes widening with pleasure. "Beautiful light! It will feed us for a long time!" (p. 737)

All I could think was "Yes, my preciousss, it shall feedses us!"  I'm not completely sure Paolini didn't intend that to be a reference. 

There's even more action, and even more betrayal and intrigue and swordfighting in this book.  And magic and wonder and no love triangles, thank God.  We've got more Ancient Language words to learn (yay!), and even more things to wonder about.  This series just has so much to offer, and I love it. 

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