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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Why I Stopped Following Your Blog

Though the majority of my posts are centered around books and writing, today I'm going to stray from my beaten path.  I've decided that, in addition to writing posts, it might be fun (and helpful to you) to dabble in the world of blogging tips.  Now, I'm not that successful, as bloggers go, but I have managed to pick up a few tricks of the trade. 

I don't stop following blogs often, but it does happen.  Here are all reasons why someone might stop following your blog:
  • You can't spell.  Bloggers are human, and they can't be expected to spell everything right.  Or to have no grammar mistakes, for that matter.  Everyone makes mistakes.  I'll admit to it, too.  My blog posts aren't always perfect.  But you need to at least make an effort to get rid of these mistakes.  Use spellcheck.  Read the post over at least once before publishing.  You might think your blog readers won't notice if you don't proofread, but guess what: we do.
  • Your blog takes forever to load.  I'm not a patient person, especially not when it comes to the internet.  If I want to see a site, I want to see it now.  I don't have time to wait for it to come up.  All those fancy, flashy counters and widgets and buttons on your sidebar might be cool, but they're not worth it if it takes five minutes for your homepage to come up. 
  • You never post.  You posted, say, a few times in July.  Then one or twice in September, and nothing since.  If I'm going to follow your blog, I want a steady stream of blog posts coming in.  Not this sporadic "Oh, I'll post whenever I feel inspired/like it/bored/whatever".  You don't have to post every day; once a week is fine, even.  I just don't want to wait months for your next post.
  • You post too much.  The opposite of the last bullet point.  You posted, say, once this morning.  Another around lunchtime, once this evening, and once again right before you went to bed.  Alright, so maybe you found something really worthwhile to share with us, but still.  I don't want you clogging up my dashboard.  It's annoying.
  • Your blog blasts music at me against my will.  This is probably the number one reason I'll stop following you (or not follow you in the first place).  I absolutely despise it when I pull up your blog and music starts playing.  I don't care what new, awesome songs you discovered this week.  It's annoying beyond belief, and it makes me jump every time.  If you want to put a music player on your blog, fine.  But please, please make it so you have to click play in order for the music to start. 
  • Your blog has nothing to offer me.  All your posts are about what you did over the weekend, a rant about your hatred for the Twilight Saga, your complaints about your WIP.  Frankly, I don't care.  I want to read posts that inform me, entertain me, engage me.  Since I follow mostly writerly blogs, I want to read articles on writing.  I don't need to know if your dog just barked at your neighbor.  Or that you just had a ham sandwich that was the best thing since sliced bread.* 
  • You only post weekly IMM-type things.  IMM, in case you didn't know, stands for In My Mailbox.  It's a weekly thing book bloggers like to post, showcasing the books they acquired during the past week.  Again, I don't care.  I did about two IMM posts, and then I stopped, because I realized that, let's face it...nobody cares what books showed up on my doorstep (unless I'm wrong, here, in which case, let me know and I'll gladly restart the IMM).  An IMM once a week is fine, whatever, even though I'll rarely read it, if ever.  But don't let these sort of posts be your only posts.  It's annoying and shows that you have no creativity as a blogger.
  • It's not professional.  Your layout looks like a kindergartner put it together.  Your sidebar sticks out and covers the blog posts.  Stuff like that.  You don't need to be really fancy with your layout.  It doesn't need to look like Steve Jobs designed it or something.  At least put a little effort into it, though. 
  • Your blog has no point.  One day you post a book review.  The next you post a persuasive essay on why we should recycle.  The next, a biography of Alexander the Great, some photos of your goldfish, a how-to article on making sushi.  I can't figure out what on earth your blog is actually about.  Maybe some people are actually interested in each one of those things.  That's great, but most people probably aren't.  Now, I'm not saying that your blog has to stick to one thing and one thing only.  I don't do that.  I'd get bored.  But please, at least find a general subject area to post in.
  • All you do is complain and apologize.  You tell us you're sorry for not posting more often.  You tell us you're sorry for the lack of quality posts this past week.  You complain about how nobody follows your blog and nobody comments and nobody cares.  I don't need to read your whining.  If you keep complaining like that, of course nobody is going to follow your blog!
  • U cant tell the dffrnce btween txting + blgging.  I can't even stand it when people text like that, let alone blog.  If you're going to blog, you need to be literate enough to use vowels and whole words. 
  • I can't read your font. 
    Your font looks like this. It’s pretty, but it’s impossible to read. It hurts my eyes, which are bad enough without your crazy cursive.
    I don't want to have to squint in order to see your words.
Now, this is not an all-inclusive list. But it's a very good idea of what NOT to do on your blog. If you do one of these, will I stop following your blog? Probably not (unless it's the music one...). But if you do a couple of them, you'll get on my nerves and then I'll stop following. And nobody wants to log onto Blogger and find out that they have 24 followers, when they had 25 yesterday.

*I've noticed that teenage boys have this thing for posting what they just ate on Facebook.  "Just ate three bags of cheetos XD" or "Dude, those onion rings were the bomb!".  I'm making fun of teenage boys?  No, of course not...well, yeah, of course. :)

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    1. I stop following blogs once I haven't seen a post for more than two weeks. I can't stand blogs that post maybe once a month. I understand if people get busy but still. You created a blog so you should use it or delete it.

      I try to make my posts look as clean and professional as possible. I can't stand blogs that I can't read.

    2. I'm not bothered about the not posting enough since I tend to go through a period where I don't update much as I do have a life.

      I agree with the last one. Why do people think that chiller font is easy to read or something? I saw one written in blackletter once. *shudder*

      I don't like blogs where there's too much going on. I don't read blogs to get attacked with widgets and colour.

      But I don't tend to stop reading blogs. I get bored though but I will venture back.

    3. Annie, I know this is going to sound odd, but my blog is built off of random things. (I would post under my username, but I don't want to feel like a stalker. My URL isn't my blog, but a company I'm part of.) My followers have come to expect how much I switch topics and post about random bits of life. And they like it.
      I think there are some blogs where it's OK to ramble and make posts about everyday things. After all, that's what's beautiful to me in life-everyday things-so why not focus my blog around it?
      Do you see what I'm saying?


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