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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Inheritance (Inheritance #4) by Christopher Paolini

Inheritance (Inheritance, #4)It began with Eragon....

It ends with Inheritance.

Not so very long ago, Eragon—Shadeslayer, Dragon Rider—was nothing more than a poor farm boy, and his dragon, Saphira, only a blue stone in the forest. Now the fate of an entire civilization rests on their shoulders.

Long months of training and battle have brought victories and hope, but they have also brought heartbreaking loss. And still, the real battle lies ahead: they must confront Galbatorix. When they do, they will have to be strong enough to defeat him. And if they cannot, no one can. There will be no second chances.

The Rider and his dragon have come further than anyone dared to hope. But can they topple the evil king and restore justice to Alagaësia? And if so, at what cost?

This is the much-anticipated, astonishing conclusion to the worldwide bestselling Inheritance cycle.

 I have waited a long time for this.  A very, very, very long time.  Longer than I've ever waited for a book before in my life.  And I'm the one who stalked the library website every day for a month to try and get my hands on a copy of Plague.

With any wait for a book, I begin to form theories.  Lots of them.  Usually, if I really care, and have to wait a few weeks for something, I pretty much have the book all planned out in my head before it even gets into my hands.  So in my head, I knew how I wanted this book to go.

Did it end how I expected?  No.  And that is a good thing.  If I wasn't surprised by anything, then it wouldn't have even been worth reading.  No, this was nearly 900 pages of me having reactions likes this: "WHAT?  NOOOOO!!!  WAIT...YESSSSS!!!", "Muahahaha, you totally deserved that one!", "Paolini, don't kill that character, I like him!  Don't kill that one either, or that one, or...just don't pull a Mockingjay*, alright?"  And most of all, "MURTAAAAAAAGH!!!!!"  Because I have been a loyal Murtagh fan from the very first time we met him.

My Goodreads status updates, just 'cause they amuse me.
Page 0: "YEEES! I GOT IT! IT'S SO LARGE AND WONDERFUL AND GREEN! <OK <--- That's Orik. With an interesting hat."

Page 80: "What is it with Eragon and babies?"

Page 220: "Thardsvergûndnzmal is my new favorite word."

Page 450: "It's about time we got to meet ol' Galby. And I have to admit, he's got some good points. I think I'll go bang my head against a wall now."

Page 560: "Muahaha! I totally knew what was in the Vault of Souls! And I am rather fond of the name Eragon Shadeslayer, Vanquisher of Snails."

One thing I noticed is that Christopher Paolini's writing has improved hugely since Eragon.  Now it sounds so much more mature, with less unintentionally funny phrases (because there are several in Eragon).  It's actually pretty cool to read the series through and watch the writing get better and better the farther you get. 

Some people aren't satisfied at all with the ending.  Well, I am.  I thought it fit perfectly.  It was incredibly sad, but also incredibly satisfying.  My favorite kind of ending.  And after the book ended, I didn't know what to do.  IT'S OVER!!!  Now what? 

I'll miss the characters.  A lot.  I'll miss this world and the exciting plots and pretty much everything about it.  Of course, I'll be rereading it, but there's still something special about the first time.  I will never get a chance to read this book for the first time again.  Which makes me a bit sad, because I love the story so much.  I love the whole series.   

*BEGIN SPOILER SECTION.  IF YOU DON'T WANT SPOILERS, SCROLL DOWN UNTIL YOU SEE "END OF SPOILERS".*  Please, if you don't want to know, avert your eyes while scrolling! 

Murtagh loves Nasuada. That, my friends, is adorable. And unexpected. And wonderful. It's too bad he never actually got to go anywhere with it, since he left so abruptly. And while we're on the topic of Murtagh...he redeemed himself. YAY. I was going to be very, very angry if he stayed evil the entire time. Though I was expecting him to kill a few more main characters before the book was over. I actually thought we'd finish the story without a major character (I'm not counting Arya's mother as major), but no. I actually thought either Saphira or Nasuada would die, but they didn't. Which is totally fine with me.

Even though I totally guessed what was in the Vault of Souls, I loved that part anyways. We needed a little hope at that point.... And I really like the giant snails. They are awesome.

I'll admit it...I wasn't sure who the green dragon's Rider was going to be. I actually wanted it to be that girl Angela told the fortune of in Brisingr, but that didn't happen.  She actually showed up in this book, but her story was never explained...hmm.  I hoped it would be her,  but I figured it would end up being Roran, which I wouldn't have been happy with.  For a while I thought it was going to be Nasuada.  But no, it's Arya!  Which didn't surprise me all that much, but still made me happen.  Saphira and Fírnen were adorable together.

And on that note, I'll say this: I knew all the while that Eragon was going to leave forever, but somehow it still caught me off guard. It's awful and wonderful at the same time. So now Eragon and Arya never get to be together, which took some bravery on Paolini's part. Apparently he got a lot of pressure from his publishers to make a happy ending for them, but he stayed true to the story. *applauds*

Galbatorix's death was awesome. Really. I hoped that he wouldn't turn nice suddenly or something like that, which he didn't. But he wasn't just stabbed either...he basically exploded. Another yay! It's too bad Shruikan had to die, though...


This book was a fantastic conclusion to the series. It was exciting, unpredictable, heartbreaking, wonderful, epic, fantastic, well-written, ginormous, fantabulous, thrilling, awesome, adjective-worthy book. I loved it. It was everything I had hoped it would be. Yay for Paolini. Yay for green dragons. Yay for Murtagh and Thorn (always!). Yay for Angela and Nasuada and everyone else. Yay for Inheritance!

If you liked Eragon and the rest of the series, you'll inhale this. I'm not sure if it's better than Eragon, but it's certainly up there. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. This book might just have to fight it out with The Scorpio Races for my Top Book of 2011 spot. We'll see what happens there.... Although if they did actually fight, this book would win, because it's such a huge green brick and about four times the size of The Scorpio Races.

Five (hundred) stars for this awesome green book!

*Not that I didn't love Mockingjay, because I did. But the killfest was a little...overkill. Horrid analogy, there. Haha.

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  1. Awesome! I CAN'T WAIT to read this! Okay so I read the spoilers but now I want to read it all the more.

    Anyways, for some reason I already knew about Arya being...the last one. I think I read it somewhere on Goodreads but I'm not sure. :/ I think it should be that little girl.

  2. @Sareh: Haha! You weren't supposed to read the spoilers!

    Kidding. I would have never read them, but if people want to, it's up to them. But now you should go read it! :)


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