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Monday, January 23, 2012

How To Get Published (The Short Version)

1. Write a really good book.
2.  Find a publisher who really likes your really good book. 

This, my friends, is how you get published. 

Oh, dear.  Yes, I do believe I actually just posted this post. 

PS: Yes, there is a long version.
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  1. Or you could follow the easier method:

    1) Go on a tacky and popular TV show.
    2) Hire someone to write a book for you.

    Lol! I'd rather go through your method though!

    1. Yeah, I guess that would work too!

      I just realized that both Miley Cyrus and Justin Beieber have published books. *headdesk* Ah yes, I have so much faith in the publishing world...

      But yeah, I'm going to stick to my method, too.

    2. I was actually referring to Snickers, sorry I meant Snooki.

      That is very irritating. Ghost writers wrote their 'books'!

    3. I know! It's not fair to have someone else write your book, then put your own name on the cover.

    4. I wouldn't mind being the ghostwriter though. They can earn half a million dollars for about 4 months of work. That's pretty sweet. But I'd feel like I'd sold my soul to the devil and having to talk to the thick celeb would probably drive me to insanity. I would love to ghost write a book for a celeb who is actually talented, a nice person and intelligent. And charming.

  2. I prefer this short version to the longer one. :D Its easier said than done though.


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