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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dear Secular Music

Dear Secular Music,

I've had enough. 

I used to be so attached to you.  I listened to you every day, day in, day out.  I listened to you each morning on the bus, during study hall, in the car, and while doing my homework.  And I liked you.  I thought you were the greatest thing known to mankind. 

Then you started changing.  Those things I used to love about you (Jordin Sparks, OneRepublic, etc.) just aren't the same.  I still like them, but they're...different.  They've started swearing in their music.  They've gone back on their claims to be "Christian artists".  Now, instead of just downloading their newest single as soon as I see it, I have to go check the lyrics first, just to be sure. 

I'm tired of your unreliability.  I can't trust you to not be explicit.  I can't trust you not to go against my beliefs.  I'm utterly sick and disgusted at the way it's nearly impossible to find clean music anymore.  I want songs about life and love, and I just hear songs about sex and parties.  Even the radio isn't clean, and don't try to tell me you can make a song "clean" by just not singing the last letter of a swear word.  You sound ridiculous. 

I'm not saying it's completely over.  I'll still listen to you.  I still like the songs I have, and I'll probably still buy your new ones. 

But see, there's this other music.  It's called Christian music.  It never swears, ever, and there's never anything explicit about it.  I can trust Christian music.  It's reliable.  And you know what?  I'm finding that the more I listen to it, the more I like it. 

There's so many things I like about it.  The Afters.  Kerrie Roberts.  Britt Nicole.  Tenth Avenue North.  They aren't going to fall into that pit that it seems like nearly every secular artist these days falls into. 

I'm sorry, but that's the way it is.  Each day I find myself listening to less and less of you.  I'd love it if you could change, but that won't ever happen.  I know it. 

This isn't a goodbye.  Not yet, at least.  But it's coming very close. 
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  1. I completely agree. I don't even understand why people still want to listen to such explicit stuff, and it all seems overdone and only intended to dirty dance to, anyway - Christian music isn't only reliable, it's meaningful and beautiful and meant to inspire you. <3

  2. I know how you feel :I Surely music should mean something, not just random partying -_-
    Explicit music is just cringey, and there's far too much of it. Perhaps I should start listening to Christian music :)

  3. You should try it! There's plenty of Christian stuff out there for pretty much any genre you could think of. And even if you aren't Christian, there's still stuff that you could enjoy.

  4. You're listening to the wrong kind of music. You're listening to American pop.

    I don't listen to Christian Music but I love listening to the Gregorian chants you get in Catholic churches.

  5. I know exactly how you feel, Annie! I listen to pop music and what not but I can only stand certain stuff. I think Kelly Clarkson is okay and some other artists. But, anyways, I hate how they have to swear in some songs and you never never find versions without all the bad stuff in it. It ruins a good song.

    But I love listening to Christian music (Britt Nicole, Superchick, and Fireflight are my favorites) because they actually sing about real stuff and not just sex, drugs, and swear words. Plus you won't find swearing or uncomfortable stuff in their music.

    I've found Christian rap bands (like Group 1 Crew), hard rock (in my mind. Like Skillet), pop, jazz, you name it.

    But I also love listening to music in other languages. I like to go translate the lyrics so that I know what they're singing too, but its cool.

    One of the most surprising things I've found was that Katy Perry used to be a Christian artist. And now she's like the COMPLETE opposite. Her music video for Califorina Girls was disgusting and disturbing. I think its sad.


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