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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Warrior (Dragons of Starlight #2) by Bryan Davis

In book two of the Dragons of Starlight series by bestselling author Bryan Davis, the quest to rescue the slaves on the dragon planet of Starlight continues, as those from the human planet of Major Four attempt to overcome the dragon prophecy surrounding the black egg, while those on the dragon planet of Starlight work to fullfill what the prophecy foretold.  As Jason and Koren, the Starlighter, arrive at the Northlands in Starlight, they continue to look for the one person who can help them free the human slaves. At the same time, Elyssa and a slave named Wallace try to free the slaves using brute force, and work to convince the other slaves freedom is possible. On Major Four, Randall and Tybalt encounter difficulties of their own, as the dragon Magnar arrives and begins to influence the new governor. Above it all, the dragon prince has hatched, raising the stakes for humans and dragons alike.

It's been awhile since I read Starlighter, but this book pretty much picked back up where it ended. 

What I love most about this series is that it's different.  There's fantasy elements, but there's also a science fiction planet-traveling sort of thing going on, too.  It's a dragon story, but the whole concept, while a bit hard to explain, is fantastic and quite different from any other. 

I also enjoy reading about these characters.  Koren and Wallace are my favorites.  Okay, especially Wallace.  He's only 12, but he's incredibly brave and mature.  And he makes me smile every so often, with something he says.  I also like the others, like Jason and Elyssa. 

I'd like to point something out to every YA author in the world.  In part of this story, Jason and Koren (a boy and a girl) are traveling together.  They're traveling alone.  They are the same age.  They're really good friends.  They are just friends.  They do not fall in love.  Let me repeat, THEY DO NOT FALL IN LOVE.  I feel like I need to point this out because in YA, you almost never, ever see this.  If there's a boy and girl in this situation, they almost always fall in love.  It's predictable and annoying.  Why is it so hard to write about girls and boys who are friends

I don't have much to say about this book, but I enjoyed it.  I'm eager to get the next one.  It's exciting, with many twists and turns.  And DRAGONS.  Yay for dragons!  Recommended for fantasy lovers, as well as anyone who likes Christian fiction.  Or anyone who likes Bryan Davis books. 
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