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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Whenever You Feel Like Giving Up (From Underneath the Rubble, Sing a Rebel Song)

It has become an established scientific fact of my life that my iPod loves me.  I didn't realize electronic devices were capable of love.

What makes me say this? 

Earlier today, I was driving home.  I was feeling discouraged (for reasons that are irrelevant in the context of this blog post).  Since I basically cannot drive alone without music, I had my iPod on shuffle. 

And then this song came on:

I haven't had this song very long, but it's already one of my favorites.  From underneath the rubble, sing a rebel song.  Listen to the whole thing (I'm listening to it right now).  Seriously.  Everything about the song screams "Don't give in."

After that, my iPod came up with this:
Again, you have to listen to this whole thing, too.  For all of the plans we've made, there isn't a flag I'd wave.  Don't care if we bend, I'd sink us to swim. We're marching on. 

So it's official.  My iPod loves me. 

Um, Annie.  All you've done is posted a Coldplay video and a OneRepublic video.  You've done that before.  So what?  (And we all know you like OneRepublic a little too much more than the average person.)

My discouragement today had nothing to do with writing.  I realized, though, that this still applies.  We've all hit a point where we feel like we're hitting a wall with our writing.  Maybe nothing turns out how you want it.  Maybe you're dumping out words but none of it is coherent.  Maybe you can't get out any words at all. 

You know what I'm talking about.  The moment when our main character is our worst enemy.  The moments when we consider giving up on our WIP because it's hopeless.  And yet, we stick with it.  We push through. 

We keep marching on. 

Let me ask you a question.  How many words are in your current WIP?  (Or, how many words are in your favorite piece that you've written?)  I have 83,169 words in SotLC.

I have 83,169 reasons not to give up on writing.  I have 83,169 reasons to "sing a rebel song".  83,169 reasons to keep on going.

I have nowhere near adequetly covered this subject.  But the songs go a long way; they say so much more than this post. 

Keep marching on, fellow writers.  Keep on writing.  Every sound word a symphony  step forward, every teardrop revision is a waterfall second chance.

How many reasons do you have to keep marching on?    
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