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Thursday, December 27, 2012

20 Questions: My Year in Books: 2012

Since the end of the year is coming up, it's time to do all the end-of-year top tens and stats and questions.  Since I like the yearly book questionnaires, here's one I made myself.  You can also participate in this one, if you want.  Click here to find out how. we go!

  1. Best book of 2012?  This has not yet been determined.  There is a complex mathematical formula that I use to figure this out.  Okay, not really, but I want to save this one for the Top Ten post.  I know for sure, though, that it'll be one of these booksIt's been determined.  It's in this post.
  2. Least favorite? The Cup of the WorldIt's actually the only book that got a one star rating out of me in 2012.  Probably because I disliked the main character so much that I actually wanted the bad guys to win.  I want my four hours back.
  3. Favorite cover?                                                                I love both of these covers.  The one for The Ask and the Answer is quite mysterious.  The one for Witchlanders is prettier in real life than it is on a screen--trust me.
  4. Most eagerly awaited book?  This one is a three-way tie.  I waited over a year for both The Crimson Crown and Fear, but I waited for The Last Guardian since 2010.  I awaited The Last Guardian especially eagerly because it was the finale to a series I've loved since elementary school.
  5. Favorite new series you discovered in 2012?  Another tie.  This time it's between A Song of Ice and Fire and the Matt Cruse series, both of which I can't believe I waited until 2012 to read.  aSoIaF is wonderfully massive and complex, and the Matt Cruse series is just so much fun to read.
  6. Most disappointing book?  I have pretty much the same feelings for both Throne of Glass and Defiance.  Both promised to be exciting, thrilling high fantasy novels, but neither lived up to the hype.  I was bored while reading both of them, and neither really did anything for me.  I didn't hate either of them, but I had wanted them to be so much better.
  7. The book you expected not to like but were pleasantly surprised?  I was wary of Voices of DragonsI had read another book by the same author last year, and was not impressed at all.  Voices of Dragons, then, surprised me.  I really enjoyed it!  Also, it had dragons, which wins points with me.  Another positive point is the deliberate lack of insta-love.  The heroine, Kay, is in a relationship, but she says multiple times that she does not want instant love.  That is a true rarity in YA books and I was very happy with it.
  8. Book you recommended most often?  Eon: Dragoneye RebornRunners-up were The Book Thief, The Maze Runner, and The Merchant of Death.
  9. Freebie! (Favorite quote, favorite scene, etc.)  Favorite book-related amusing picture?                                   
  10. Best review you wrote in 2012?  The Crimson CrownI used a few GIFs to get my point across.  I'm rather fond of it.
  11. Book that had the most impact on you? Every Day.  It's such a beautiful exploration of love and identity.  It's simple and complex at the same time, and makes a pretty powerful statement.
  12. Most emotional book (for you, or the characters, or both)?  The Last Guardian.  The ending is quite emotional, of course.  Perfectly wonderful, but there's still an "EOIN COLFER, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" moment, right before the giant "Awww, that's so cute!" moment.  It's also a bit emotional for me because I've been reading this series since I was in fifth grade.  This series has been with me more than half my school years, and it's so sad to see it end!    
  13. Best of genres:
    1. Fantasy? Witchlanders or The Crimson Crown (with A Game of Thrones a close runner-up)
    2. Sci-fi?  Starclimber
    3. Dystopian? The Ask and the Answer, Fear, or The Drowned CitiesIt's hard to pick just one for each category.  It's not going to happen.
    4. Realistic/Contemporary? I'm not sure Every Day counts as "realistic", but it's close enough, and it's a tough book to classify.
    5. Historical?  Icefall.
    6. Paranormal? The Blood.
    7. Other?  I haven't mentioned Passenger yet, so I'll name it here.
  14. Book that didn't quite live up to the hype?  Grave Mercy and Under the Never SkyNeither really did anything for me, but they've gotten high praise this year.  Especially Grave Mercy, which everyone but me seems to love.
  15. Most gorgeously written book?  Every Day was beautiful of course, and Icefall also had a gorgeous simplicity in the narration.  The Night Circus also deserves mention, as well as the Chaos Walking series.
  16. Most shocking scene? (Mark all spoilers!)  Spoilers abound in this paragraph, for Starclimber and Monsters of Men.  First, in Starclimber, there's that scene where first Matt isn't picked to go to space, and I was freaking out.  How could there be so much buildup about him going to space and then he doesn't get to go.  What?  And then Kate is engaged to some guy that isn't Matt?  Why?  Of course, both these things are not what they seem, as we find out later in the book.  There's also that part at the end of Monsters of Men where you think everything's all wrapped up until Todd gets shot and you think he's going to die and you're freaking out because how could Todd die at the end?
  17. Best character?  Again, I can't pick just one, so I'll name a few.  Arya StarkMatt Cruse.  Cole St. ClairMarshall SeaverSage.
  18. Book you can't believe you didn't read until 2012?  A Game of Thrones.
  19. Book you never got around to reading in 2012 but will definitely read it in 2013?  Code Name Verity, The Poison Throne, Monument 14, Falling Kingdoms, and more.
  20. Book you are most excited for in 2013?  Light!  Gone series finale, here we come!
Stay tuned for the Top Ten post!
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