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Thursday, December 20, 2012

20 Questions: Your Year in Books

Around this time of year, some people like to recap what they read throughout the past 12 months.  I'm also a fan of this, and quite enjoy doing it.  But sometimes, a Top Ten favorites (though I do like those, too) isn't enough.  What about the books you didn't like, or that amazing scene that you're dying to tell people about?

I've written a list of 20 questions to (hopefully) cover your reading year.  I'll be answering the questions myself in a few days, but for now, here's the list of questions.  Feel free to copy and paste and use them yourself!  (I'd appreciate if you use the button if possible.  There's some code at the bottom of this post that you can copy.)

If you're doing this, let me know in the comments!  Post a link to your post, and I can link back to it from here.  Happy answering!  (We'll see how if anyone uses this...)

  1. Best book of 2012?
  2. Least favorite?
  3. Favorite cover?
  4. Most eagerly awaited book?
  5. Favorite new series you discovered in 2012?
  6. Most disappointing book?
  7. The book you expected not to like but were pleasantly surprised?
  8. Book you recommended most often?
  9. Freebie!  (Favorite quote, favorite scene, best romance, etc.)
  10. Best review you wrote in 2012?
  11. Book that had the most impact on you?
  12. Most emotional book (for you, or the characters, or both)?
  13. Best of genres:
    1. Fantasy?
    2. Sci-fi?
    3. Dystopian?
    4. Realistic/Contemporary?
    5. Historical?
    6. Paranormal?
    7. Other?
  14. Book that didn't quite live up to the hype?
  15. Most gorgeously written book?
  16. Most shocking scene? (Mark all spoilers!)
  17. Best character?
  18. Book you can't believe you didn't read until 2012?
  19. Book you never got around to reading in 2012 but will definitely read it in 2013?
  20. Book you are most excited for in 2013?

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