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Friday, June 7, 2013

Icarus, Superpowers, And Flight: My New Novel

I've been a bit absent on the what's-Annie-writing front lately.  If you've been following for awhile (if that's you, hello and you are awesome), you might remember me discussing my finalization of the revision of my previous novel, Secrets of the Legend Chaser, as well as my synopsis-writing and querying experiences.

The time between then and now has been spent planning my next novel.  And, okay, finishing up schoolwork for the year and such.  Because it doesn't take me that long to plan a novel. 

Anyway, though, I wish I could give you a title, but I don't even have a working title yet.  It's saved as "Ev and Mason" on my computer, Ev and Mason being my two point of view characters.  I've never written a book in first person before, and I've never worked with two separate point of views.  We'll see how this goes. 

This book is about Everett Flinch, who cannot fall.  Well, he can fall, but he always lands on his feet, and the impact never injures him.  He has this because he's a descendant of Icarus, who was real, and who survived.

Because I am absolutely bringing Greek mythology into this.  Rick Riordan had better watch out.

The book isn't just about Everett, though.  It's also about Mason Ardale, who doesn't have any kind of power.  But he knows of Ev's power, and he wants it.  He's with an organization that tried, years before the story opens, to replicate Ev's ability.  Their test subject was Mason.  The experiment failed. 

So far, I'm playing with this idea, and I'm loving it.  You see all these movies, read all these books about people who, for some reason or other, gain a superpower.  What you don't see is what happens when it fails.  When they don't get the power.  For example, what if, in Captain America: The First Avenger, the super-soldier serum hadn't worked?  What if it had just left Steve Rogers the same old Steve, no extra muscles and confidence added?  What does it do to that person?  How do they live with that?  That's an idea I wanted to work with, for Mason's characterization.     

That particular organization that I mentioned before is trying again.  To do it, they need Everett.  And in order to get to Everett, they took his brother.   And Mason is now in the picture, and he's working against Everett.  To get to Ev's brother, though, they might need to work together.

You can probably tell I don't have an "official" blurb written.  I'm kind of rambling about plot by now, but you get the idea.  It's an urban fantasy-ish, sci-fi-ish sort of story, with two POV characters with conflicting goals. 

It's been in my head since about midway through the first draft of my previous novel.  It's hovered around ever since, constantly evolving.  For awhile it was going to be a steampunk novel.  Then it spent awhile in my head as a quieter, more literary magical realism piece.  But before long my characters were like this:

And so the story shifted around a few more times.  For awhile it was getting very Captain America, but it's settled more into an urban fantasy/sci-fi.  But at the same time the genres were changing, the characters were fighting for front position.  First there was Everett, and Mason didn't exist for almost a year after the initial idea.  And then, suddenly, there he was.

And I'm thinking, "What?  What just happened here?  Where did you come from?"

He entered into the story like BAM, THIS IS MY BOOK NOW.  He was wanting the entire book to himself, and Everett's way too laid-back to fight him.  I had to lay down the law and say no.  Fine, dual POV.  I can handle this.  Probably.  My two POV characters pushed back and forth at each other for awhile, but the dual POV was still what we were going with.

(For all of you non-writers: characters have minds of their own and can control things in the story.  It sounds bizarre, but it's absolutely true.  I explained this more in this post.)

I'm still not 100% sure where this story will take me, but I'm excited to learn.  I'm thrilled to be in the first-drafting mode again.  Hopefully I'll finish this faster than my previous novel. 

Well, I'm off to get my characters under control and mess up their lives and manipulate their emotions and all that fun stuff.  

[insert Loki horse joke here]
 What are you writing right now, my lovely blog readers?   

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  1. Wow, that concept sounds really interesting ^_^
    Still in the revision stages for my novel. I stupidly decided to add another POV, so that's going to take a lot of work :I
    I just hope it's worth it all in the end :)


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