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Saturday, November 9, 2013

19 Thoughts And Reactions To Thor: The Dark World

This is generally a book blog, but sometimes I have to stop and talk about other things.  In this case, we have to stop our regularly scheduled programmed to discuss the latest Marvel movie.

I went to see Thor: The Dark World last night.  It was awesome.  My friends and I were talking afterwards, and one particular friend and I were trying to articulate our opinion about it.  We just ended up making vague "mind-is-spinning" gestures and saying "feels".

Everything is spoiler-free except for numbers 13 and 19.  Number 3 is  a nonspecific spoiler.
  1. Even if the story itself hadn't been awesome, the movie would've been worthwhile for the visual effects alone.  DAT CGI.  If attractive things are sometimes referred to as "eye candy", then Thor: The Dark World is an eye cheesecake.  Eye Ben and Jerry's.*  The panoramic shots of Asgard are stunning.  The gravitational weirdness with the truck is mind-bending.  Every little piece of tendril-looking magic or energy is awesome.  
  2. Alternate titles: Thor: Our CGI Is Better Than Yours, Thor: Yes, We Do Realize That Half Of You Are Just Here For Tom Hiddleston, Thor: Look At All This Power We Have Over Your Feels, Thor: You Didn't Really Need Your Eardrums Anyway, Did You?, Thor: Take That, DC!, Thor: Not Just Another Placeholder Until Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Thor Loki.
  3. Asgardian funerals are beautiful.  It was reminiscent of both Boromir's funeral: person is placed in boat (with sword, regardless of gender), and sent down a river and over a waterfall.  Someone then shoots a flaming arrow at the boat, like in the funeral of Hoster Tully in A Storm of Swords.  There are also Tangled-esque floating lanterns.  Conclusion: I want to have my funeral in Asgard.  The huge downside to all this, though, was the fact that a funeral was even necessary, because I hate it when beloved characters need funerals.
  4.  This happened.
  5. Spoiler: Thor still has biceps that probably set off security alarms in airports.
    Darcy: Look at you.  Still all muscly and everything.
  6. I didn't get the Loki horse joke that I wanted.  I realize that a horse joke would go over the heads of 80% of the audience, but if you would have been able to catch it, it would've been hilarious.  It's like wanting a hobbit joke for Martin Freeman in, well, everything.
  7. Loki also did not say "I do what I want".  What is Marvel holding out on?  It's also worth noting that we didn't see the "reindeer games" helmet at all.
  8. We got to see Sif beating people up.  And being sassy.  And also beating people up.  And not forming the love triangle with Thor and Jane that it seemed like the trailer was hinting at.
  9. If you've ever wanted to see Christopher Eccleston with Legolas hair, now is your chance.  Also, are we not going to talk about the fact that Christopher Eccleston's character essentially destroyed his own army in order to deal a crushing blow to his enemy?  Did he feel some déjà vu while filming that?
  10. Things blew up in this movie.  I want to rewatch the entire thing and just count the number of explosions, because it has to be huge.
  11. I had heard that Darcy would have a bigger role in this movie, that she would be more than just the comic-relief sidekick and the character that enables these movies to pass the Bechdel Test.  While her role was a little bigger, it still didn't extend far beyond sidekick and comic relief.  I would've liked to see more from her.
  12. Why can Chris Hemsworth pull off a neater-looking half-ponytail than I can?  
  13. That thing...that happened...I can't...I'm going to have to discuss this with spoilers.  These are actual spoilers, not like the "spoiler" in number 5.  If you don't want to know, read no farther (in number 13, anyway--14 is fine).  Marvel did the thing, guys.  Marvel killed him.  You know which "him" I'm talking about.  After he died, I spent the rest of the movie thinking, "Nope.  He'll come back.  They're not going to do that.  Isn't Tom Hiddleston signed on for a few more movies yet?  GAAAAH.  Nope nope nope."  And then the ending: ASDFJKL; WHAT JUST HAPPENED?  I don't know how to deal with this.  So, the denial was actually correct.  But still.  Then again, why wouldn't Marvel do that?  Why wouldn't they take that massive opportunity to create that kind of emotion, toss it around, then throw it right back at you?
  14. Loki impersonating Captain America.  You didn't know you wanted this until now.  This might have been the best part of the entire movie.  I can't wait until the GIFs start coming out. 
  15. Loki in general.  He's been imprisoned for awhile, and yet, he's still able to smart-aleck Thor.  In moments of danger.  This movie will not disappoint Loki lovers.  He gets a fair amount of screen time, and it's all used for wonderful character development.  We get lots of brother-brother moments with Thor.  We see Jane Foster slap Loki.  We see Loki being the annoying little brother.  We get a Loki/Frigga moment.  Loki has lost none of his signature charm, style, sass, manipulativeness, cunning, or anything else that makes Loki, well, Loki.
  16. This movie has the most baffling post-credits scene that I have ever seen.  I just stared at it with a skeptical expression.  Not sure if want.  I found this link, and it explains it, so now it makes more sense.  Still, I was in the theater, staring at it like this:
  17. It's getting to the point where if you go to a Marvel movie and don't stay past the credits, you're going to miss some crucial information.
  18. Ivan the intern.  He deserves his own movie.  I would watch it.
  19. (Actual spoilers) Two reactions to Frigga: 1. This lady is awesome.  Not only is she a loving mother, she's also capable of pulling out her weapons and attacking some bad guys.  2. *sob*  I wouldn't have expected her death to hurt all that much, since she didn't have much screen time in Thor.  But it did, and she got some surprising moments of depth right before her end. 
  20. Edit 11/10: I forgot about this point when I published this post, which is odd, considering it was one of the first things I pointed out to my friends while we were sitting through the credits, waiting for the post-credits scene.  When the dark elves come to attack Asgard, we see Asgardian machine-gun-Star-Wars-lasers.  We never see these again.  The Asgardian army, instead, fights with swords (or hammers), when the lasers are clearly more effective.  Why is this?  One of my friends pointed out that men with swords are attractive.  I cannot disagree with this.  Still, Cinemasins better take note of this.

In summary: it was awesome.  I don't think fans will be disappointed--I sure wasn't.  We'll see how the rest of Marvel's Phase Two plays out.

*I think this is officially one of the weirdest things I've ever written on this blog.

Have you seen Thor: The Dark World yet?  If not, what are you looking forward to, if you plan to go see it?
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  1. Oh, man. I haven't seen this yet, but it looked pretty cool in the commercials. I actually don't watch movies much anymore, because I'm an idiot and keep getting over 15 books at a time from my local library. But my art teacher showed us Thor a couple of years ago and I kind of wanted to see this one, whenever it comes out on DVD. (And thank you so much for the random David Tennant GIF!) :D

    1. You're welcome for the David Tennant GIF! I tried to find one of either Thor, Loki, or Tom Hiddleston, but I didn't find one I liked, so I figured that David Tennant is probably appropriate in any situation (he seems to translate well to GIFs for some reason). And I'm glad I'm not the only one who checks out a large pile of books on every visit to the library.

  2. I've been following your blog for a while now and have been just waiting for you to say something about this movie. I was lucky enough to see it early on Thursday with an energetic audience. I thought the movie was awesome and when "number 13" happened I was in shock, too. I did not mind Darcy being a comic-relief character though, as she was rather good at it.

    1. I love that you knew I'd say something about this movie (I guess I don't hide my love for Marvel movies at all). That's so cool, that you got to see it right when it came out! It's not that I have a problem with Darcy being comic-relief--I do love her for it--it's just that I wanted to see something more from her, something to give her more personality beyond the side of herself that she makes obvious.

  3. I was also wondering if you knew anything about the actual Marvel comics? (I've never read them before and was drawn into Marvel by the Thor movie.) Apparently Ant-man is getting his own movie, and honestly how powerful is a man who controls ants? I just think making a movie about him is a bit ridiculous.

  4. Edit: Sorry for posting so many comments, but I didn't know you watched Cinemasins.

    1. No need to be sorry! Believe me, I get excited when I see an email that tells me someone commented. I have never actually read a Marvel comic (The Avengers was my first foray into the fandom). It's not that Ant-Man controls ants--it's that he can change his own size, so he could be super-tiny or super-large (, which makes a lot more sense. A movie about a man who controls ants would certainly make me skeptical.

      As for Cinemasins, I love their videos! I'm also a fan of Honest Trailers, if you've ever seen one of those.

    2. Oh okay. I have watched Honest Trailers before, and I think they must be collaborating or something because they both recently did World War Z and Thor. HISHE also did a Walking Dead/World War Z animation.

    3. I know they have collaborated on things in the past. I might be wrong, but I think the Honest Trailers people contributed some sins to the Iron Man 3 Cinemasins video. Even if they weren't working together, I suppose it made sense to do Thor right before the sequel came out, when it was on everyone's minds.

  5. My feelings about this movie are more mixed than yours and I honestly prefer the first movie. To an extent I WAS a little disappointed. That's not to say that I didn't enjoy the movie though lest you think I'm raining on your parade! The Captain America cameo was awesome, I loved that we got to see more of Asgard, Frigga was friggin' badass, Darcy was great, and all of the Loki and Thor scenes were wonderful. But Loki doesn't even really come into this movie until the first hour and that really bothered me. I admit to being biased because I'm such a massive fan of the character but it seemed like a real waste of Tom Hiddleston's talents to me. In fact I'd say he got more screentime in The Avengers than he got in this movie! Or at least it certainly felt like it. Also Anthony Hopkins was completely phoning it in in this one and Malekith, to me, was a pretty weak and generic villain. I'm hoping I'll warm to the movie more on a re-watch though. Anyway, I'm sorry if my opinion upsets you because I can tell that you loved the movie a lot more than I did. It's just the way I feel.

    1. There's no need to apologize for your opinion. In my view, recognizing the faults of a book or movie is necessary to loving it. No movie is ever perfect, so there's no sense denying that its faults exist. I might still, like you, prefer the first movie, but the disadvantage that the sequel has right now is that it hasn't had time to sit in my brain and stew--it's not as "ingrained" in me like the first one yet. I agree that Tom Hiddleston could have had more screen time, because, well, Tom Hiddleston (though I am a huge fan of how this movie did use his screen time). Then again, he wasn't the hero, nor the villain. I also agree about Malekith--Christopher Eccleston have proved himself capable of portraying darkly complex characters, but I don't think his full potential was used for this movie.

  6. And thank you for taking that so well! :) Yeah I know that Loki not being the villain in this one would logically mean that he wouldn't get as much screentime as in Thor and The Avengers but screw logic I was still disappointed all the same. I definitely think that they should have used that scene of him screaming after Frigga's death that they cut. I only know about it because of tumblr. I'm assuming that they'll put it in the deleted scenes but it would have been really powerful to see in the movie itself. And poor Christopher Eccleston! He was clearly trying his best but they didn't exactly give him much to work with. I really don't think it helped matters that half of his dialogue was in Elven tongue either.

    Going back to some of your comments, YES they absolutely have to put in a eight-legged horse joke in Thor 3! It would be hysterical! And they absolutely need to put in a Hobbit reference in Sherlock S3! I'm also DYING for a "No S**t Sherlock" gag in Sherlock as well.

    I'm very, very intrigued as to what they're going to do with Thor 3. Given what happened in the final scene I'm guessing that Loki's got Odin hidden away somewhere. Poor, poor Odin. Or not since I can't stand Odin! Especially in this latest movie with him actually wanting Loki executed. Thor's now with Jane so I'm guessing that either trouble hits the Earth or he finds out what Loki's done and goes back to Asgard. And I'm fascinated as to where they're eventually take Loki. They can't really give him a heroic death scene now after what they've done with this latest movie so I wonder what they'll do with him. Any ideas on what you'd like to see for the next movie?

    1. I was also a bit disappointed that they cut that part. The raw emotion was fantastic, and reminds me of that "Tell me!" scene in Thor of which Loki fans are so fond.

      What I'd like to see in the next movie...hmm. It'll be a few years, and in that time the Marvel universe will take some big steps, so Thor will presumably undergo some development in Avengers 2, which will come into play in Thor 3. I agree that Loki has Odin hidden away...I've never been sure what to feel about Odin. He is the "god of terrible parenting', but I think he has noble intentions, for the most part. What I'd really like to see is for Marvel to introduce a new character who develops a relationship with Loki. Not necessarily a romantic relationship--I just want there to be a person who can challenge Loki, as a person, while at the same time showing him the love he needs and just simply being there for him and understanding and/or accepting his past in the way that Thor or even Frigga never could do. I also want some interaction between Loki and Darcy--comic relief or otherwise. I feel like any conversation they had would be hilarious.


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