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Friday, February 28, 2014

50 Reasons You Should Be Writing Right Now

You aren't writing right now.  I don't know exactly what brought you here, and I'm glad you're here, but I also know that this is time spent not writing.  Here are fifty reasons why you should be writing:
  1. The more time you spend not writing, the farther you get from finishing your novel.
  2. Your characters are waiting for you to tell their story.
  3. It's not like you're doing anything else to create quantifiable progress right now.
  4. Writing will help relieve all that stress you most likely have.
  5. Every minute you spend not writing is a minute you'll never be able to get back.   You could have spent it writing, but you didn't.
  6. You improve your writing with every page, every paragraph, every word.  Keep getting better.
  7. Every word brings you closer to holding a finished, published book in your hand.
  8. Use it as an excuse to crank up your most epic writing music playlist.
  9. Writing is good for your brain.  It keeps the imagination alive.
  10. One day, your novel might change someone's life, but that'll never happen unless you actually write it.
  11. Your story is bouncing around inside your head.  Your characters spark and burn inside you to get onto that page.  Relieve yourself of that.
  12. It gives you a reason to perfect your handwriting. 
  13. There's something exciting about a blank page, but there's something even more exciting about a full page.
  14. Science* says that people who write are more awesome.  Make yourself as awesome as possible.
  15. Procrastination makes you feel guilty.  Who wants to feel guilty?
  16. There's something satisfying about the regular clicking sound a computer keyboard makes.  Or the feeling of a pen flowing across paper.  
  17. "Some writers enjoy writing, I am told.  Not me.  I enjoy having written." -George R. R. Martin
  18. Every minute spent writing is a minute not spent doing unhealthy things like eating junk food, doing cocaine, or robbing banks.
  19. On that same thought, every minute spent writing is a minute not spent scouring the internet for new music, which costs money.  Or scouring Amazon for new books to buy, which also costs money.
  20. When you're writing, you're 100% more productive than every other writer who isn't writing.
  21. You can't become J.K. Rowling, John Green, or Shakespeare if you aren't writing.
  22. Every minute not writing delays the moment when you become the author of the Great American Novel that is taught in high school classrooms nationwide.
  23. If you never finish your book, Tom Hiddleston/Benedict Cumberbatch/Jennifer Lawrence/[insert actor of your choice] can never star in your book's movie.
  24. You can take out all that anger you feel against any certain person by basing a character off them and being evil to that character.
  25. Most likely, whatever is happening in your novel is much more exciting than your real life.
  26. The Queen does not approve of your not-writing, according to this GIF: 
  27. Writing is an excuse to not talk to people.
  28. The world can never have enough books.  You should contribute to the number of books in the world.
  29. Your book might someday become someone's favorite book.
  30. You have a right to free speech under the First Amendment.  Use this right.
  31. Who knows?  Maybe your right to free speech will go away at some point during your life.  In that case, you'll regret all the times you didn't use it.
  32. Let's be honest: you probably don't have anything else on your social calender anyway.
  33. You can do it your pajamas.
  34. Even though you aren't writing a school essay when you work on your novel, your writing still improves overall.  The more time you spend doing any form of writing, the more likely you are to score well on your next school essay.
  35. The more notebooks you fill up, the more pretty new ones you can buy.
  36. If Snooki can write a book, so can you.
  37. When you write, you look more like Benedict Cumberbatch in this particular GIF than when you're not writing: 
  38. What else are you doing now?  Most likely, nothing.  Do something.  
  39. The better you get at writing, the less likely you'll be to spend the rest of your life working at McDonald's.
  40. You're probably thinking about your book anyway, so you might as well put the thought to use.
  41. Writing uses up pens and pencils, and if you're anything like me, you have approximately 6,567 pens and pencils lying around that you'd love to get rid of.
  42. If someone asks you, "What did you do today?", you can say "I wrote two chapters" instead of "I watched 45 minutes of cat videos and pinned 200 pictures of Andrew Garfield on Pinterest".
  43. Maybe someday your book will have a fandom.  A wonderfully insane fandom.
  44. Killing off characters is strangely satisfying.  You could be killing an annoying character right now.
  45. Writing is classy and sophisticated, and makes you seem slightly mysterious.  Be classy, sophisticated, and mysterious.
  46. There are so many terrible books in the world.  Do your part to combat this.
  47. Someday, someone will own an old copy of your book, and will take it off the shelf to smell it periodically because there's something wonderful about the smell of old books.
  48. Someone has to write the books that people read.  It might as well be you.
  49. Nobody's going to make you do it; you have to make yourself do it.
  50. The worst thing you write is better than the best thing you didn't write.
Well, what are you still doing here?

*By "science", I mean "me".
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