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Friday, May 30, 2014

Amusement 4.0 (And Some Thoughts On Adulthood)

We're on Amusement 4.0 already?  Wow.  If you don't know, it's become something of a tradition around here.  Every year, on May 30th (because it's my birthday), I alienate whatever non-fandom readers I have left post whatever random amusing pictures I happen to have found across the internet.  No, it has nothing to do with writing or book reviewing.  It just happens because I find it entertaining.

"You know nothing, Jon Snow."  (Actually, Jon Snow knows exactly two things.  And neither will help him win Jeopardy.)
Honest Les Mis captions.
You keep using that phrase.  I do not think it means what you think it means.

All I can think of is Steve innocently buying him this shampoo, and bringing it home, and not understanding why Bucky had to violently throw it out the window.

I...I've been playing Pokemon wrong this whole time.

Rooftop laments in Paris get a little complicated when someone from another musical is in your singing space. 
The Winter Soldier: A summary.

Here's the deal: As of the time you are reading this point, I will be legally considered an adult.  When you turn 18, it's like there's supposed to be some magic switch that gets flipped and then you become responsible or something.  Except that I don't feel any different.  I don't feel like an "adult".  Whatever that means.  I just feel like myself.  I'm still looking like this when I think of actually financially supporting myself:

And doing things like taxes:

And doing something with my life:

While I'm still over here, just:
This is from The Backstroke of the West, which is a badly captioned, pirated version of Revenge of the Sith that someone bought, and then shared the screencaps.  It's hilarious, and somehow, I feel like this particular picture fits.  Somehow. 

Let's face it, though.  I may be a legal adult, but I still think Percy Jackson "dam jokes" are funny.  It's been seven years, but...still.  I use both kids' toothpaste and fluoride rinse because "adult" toothpaste is nasty (mint=nope).  I like How To Train Your Dragon far more than the average ten-year-old.  Earlier today, I spent five minutes of my life reading fanfiction about Steve Rogers Rickrolling all of the Avengers.  I make playlists that look like this: (Okay, this is more an Annie thing than a not-adult thing.)
But, since this is my day, and I'm here and am always looking for excuses to do this, here are some songs I've been really into recently:
  1. 'Alienation' and 'Born Alone' by Morning Parade.  I discovered Morning Parade a little over a week ago, and I already love them.  I don't even want to say how many plays 'Alienation' has accumulated in that short time.
  2. 'Hurricane' and 'Closer to the Edge' by 30 Seconds to Mars.  This Is War is such an interesting and multifaceted album, and while these two songs are very different, they still stay within the overall theme.  And I love thematic albums.   
  3. 'Lanterns' by Birds of Tokyo.  I rarely buy a song after hearing it just once, but this is exactly what happened with this one.  
  4. 'Raging Fire' by Phillip Phillips.  When I neither like nor dislike a song on the first listen, one of two things usually happens.  The first is that the more I hear the song, the more I start to hate it.  The second is that it slowly turns into a song that I love.  I had no opinion about this one at first, but it grew on me.
  5. 'Young Blood' by The Naked and Famous.  I first heard this live, actually.  The Naked and Famous opened for Imagine Dragons last March, and this song's beginning is too catchy to pass up.
  6. 'Just Give Me A Reason' by P!nk and Nate Ruess (of Fun.).  I'm not a fan of P!nk, but I just can't get enough of Nate Ruess singing mournfully about...anything.
  7. 'Never Let Me Go' by Florence + The Machine.  It's a sad song that doesn't really sound sad.  Florence Welch has an amazing voice.
  8. 'I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For' by U2.  This is a bit random, but I love it.
[Insert awkward transition to closing paragraph here] that I've let out all of what?  Is anybody else graduating high school this spring?  Are you ready, or are you sitting here thinking "How do I adult?"  What are your college plans?

Also, since I'm now on break, I'll have more time to write posts.  Which means that I'm open for suggestions.  What do you want to read about?  Is there a book you'd love to see me review?  Let me know in the comments!  I feel like a YouTuber, saying that.  If this was a video, I would most certainly be pointing down to the comment section right now.

Blog note: If you haven't noticed, I've added a "song of the week" feature to the bottom of the right sidebar.  I'm not quite sure where I'm going with it yet--I put it there because there are so many times when I want to share an amazing song I've found, but have no good place to do it.  If you have a comment about the song of the week, feel free to leave it on whatever post you happen to be on (I'll see it no matter what).  It would be cool to hear your thoughts!   I've actually thought about starting an entirely separate blog where I share songs I've discovered. Does anyone have thoughts about that? Tumblr or Blogger? Would you follow it?
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  1. This was hilarious!!! And I'm graduating...from middle school. Not all that exciting.

    1. Graduating from middle school may not be as much of a milestone as graduation high school, but it's still a milestone. Besides, now you get to move on to bigger and better opportunities! High school gives you much more freedom than middle school, which most people enjoy.

  2. First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I don't think I would mind at all if you had birthdays more often, because this was a lot of fun. :) And 6 or 7 of those songs are ones I haven't heard before, so I'm excited to listen to them! I'm graduating this year as well, and I have to say, "How do I adult" is EXACTLY what I am, and have been, thinking. I happened across a you-tube channel the other day called "How to Adult" though. Maybe that will help us out? ;)

    1. Thanks! I also came across the same channel the other day, and I think it might come in handy. I think it's affiliated with John Green, too, which is always a plus.

  3. Happy Birthday! This is a really cool post. I love the pics. ("Tequila Mockingbird." Haha. That actually made me pause for a second and just laugh.)

    And ohmygosh, I'm graduating this spring! (Next week, actually!) I'm actually going to a small private college in-state. I'm excited and terrified at the same time. I can't be an adult. Like, I can barely wear my graduation gown the right way. (Apparently, the little -- what's it called? Sash? Robe thingy? -- on the thing that goes around your neck, the small part goes in front, and the long part goes in the back.)

    Anyways, lovely post! I've heard those songs before, which means I'm listening to ALL of them, just one after the other. (And Percy Jackson "dam jokes" will always be funny.) Again, happy birthday! And happy graduation!

    1. Thanks! Congratulations on your graduation, and good luck next year! For me, the gown was pretty straightforward, but I had to ask someone what side the tassel on the cap was supposed to be on. (One of our school guidance counselors said that he had to Google it, so I wasn't alone.)

  4. First off, let me just get this out of the way... Happy Birthday! Don't worry about not feeling 18. I am about to turn 19 and I'm still having the same reactions as all the lovely GIFs you put up. When I turned 18, the most annoying thing was everybody asking, "Do you feel like an adult?" Half the time I just wanted to tell them, "And how DOES it feel like to be an adult exactly? I would very much like to know." So don't worry about it. Plus, I love just as many Disney movies (and know all the lyrics to the songs, too) as I do "adult" movies. I also cannot get enough of Harry Potter, Legos, and Harry Potter Legos. So, in essence, I have decided there is no such thing as an adult. It's simply a grown-up kid who hides the urge to burst into Disney songs.

    By the way.... Are you excited for How to Train Your Dragon 2? Because I know I am!

    I loved the pictures you had. The "Paris rooftop" one was my favorite. And Percy Jackson 'dam' jokes will never, ever get old. Ever.

    I've heard most of the songs before. On a quick, random note: You went to see Imagine Dragons in concert too???? That's wear I heard Young Blood by the Naked and the Famous. Pretty great band opening for another great band.

    You must listen to all of Florence and the Machine. Her voice is truly amazing. "Over the Love" from The Great Gatsby soundtrack and "Breath of Life" are two of my favorites.

    Anywho, have a frabjous birthday! Caloo, calay! (If you know where this is from, I will love you forever.)

    1. Thanks! I'll probably be the same way at 19...and Disney movies will never, ever get old. And yes, I am super excited for HTTYD2! I'm going to go see it as soon as I can after it comes out. I've seen all the trailers and clips from it, and it looks promising. I have high hopes.

      That's cool, that we both went to an ID concert! At the concert I saw, Nico Vega actually played before The Naked and Famous, and I wasn't impressed. I hadn't heard much of tNaF before then, but I was pleasantly surprised.

      "Breath of Life" is also one of my favorite F+tM songs, and it was the first I heard. I have two albums, and my other favorites are "Never Let Me Go" and "No Light, No Light".

    2. I love "No Light, No Light" too. "Never Let Me Go" is second favorite to "Heartlines."

  5. Happy birthday! Unfortunately, I'm only 15 so I can't relate that much to your adult struggles, but I'm just glad I don't have to worry about taxes (yet). I love this kinds of posts that are so random and funny. If you want suggestions, I guess I would suggest a movie review of Maleficent because I, personally, was disappointed by it, and was wondering what you thought.
    Also, I wanted to ask if you've ever heard of a band called Shearwater; I'm not a fan of their newest album, but I love all of their songs from the album called Animal Joy. My personal favorite is "Snow Leopard" in a different album, which I would best describe as "liquid" or "soul" music. Anyway, enough of my rambling; have a great day!

    1. Thanks! I wasn't planning on seeing Maleficent in the theater, but the trailer looked interesting, so I might see it eventually. If I ever get around to it, I'll post my thoughts!

      I've never heard of Shearwater, but they sound interesting! You have a great day as well, and thanks for the comment.

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. I appreciate that you seemed to actually read my posts as opposed to some generic spambot, but my blog is not your personal advertising space. All of your "comments" from last night have been removed and any future comments will also be removed.


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