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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Hey, I'm Still Alive and Doing Things

Well, here I am, halfway through college, and I figured I'd post an update.  I feel like I'm no closer to being a real adult, and yet here I am with half a Communications & Journalism degree, most of an English degree, and a bit of a psychology minor just for fun.

During the school year, I've been up to basically the same things as usual.  Writing approximately 18,000 papers and maybe some journaling on the side, with the occasional bit of creative writing shoved somewhere in there.  Okay, maybe 18,000 papers is an exaggeration, but at one point I had five papers due in one week.  I was taking four classes.  How does that work?  Then again, I was getting away with naming my papers things like "Is Dumbledore Really Gay?," "Dragons, Socialists, and Children," and "Women STEMming Out."  Pros of being an English major: you get away with that kind of thing.

I've also been working as a writing tutor (because I don't have enough writing in my life).  And in February, I started writing for the online blog The Odyssey.  If you want to keep up with my weekly articles, you can follow me here!

I'll be spending the summer interning for a publishing company that works with materials for early childhood educators.  I'm also working the Interlibrary Loan department of my college's library, so I'll be around books all summer long.  In the fall, I'll start work as the Web Manager for this cool website.  It's a completely new thing for me, running a website like that, but I took a web design class this spring and absolutely loved it.  I guess all that blogging HTML and CSS got me somewhere.  Take note, kids--the random blog you start on a whim in ninth grade may actually get you somewhere.  Maybe I should overhaul the design of this bad boy sometime.  Hmm...  In the meantime, I designed this and this, which are freely available on the internet now.

Over the past year of classes, I've learned a few things about writing, and editing, and what I do/don't want to do.  I've taken a journalistic editing class and a more academic editing class; I'm very much not a journalism person.  Though I did learn how to crank out edits at basically lightspeed, which is nice.  But I feel more...technological...than the academic editing crowd.  As in, I'm the one in all the class debates going "DIGITIZE IT.  DIGITIZE EVERYTHING.  DIGITIZE ALL THE THINGS."  But hey, I'm also a blogger and an avid ebook supporter.

I also learned that I'm not a short story writer.  I like the format, but I'm a novelist at heart.  I just can't explore all I want to explore in a short story--I feel like my worldbuilding and character development is cut short.  I'm also not a literary writer.  I love that format, too, and I like to dabble in it, but I'm a genre writer and lover.  Give me my YA fantasy any day.  I can't see myself writing literary fiction for the rest of my life, but I would love to write genre stuff.  I guess I'm not into the classical highbrow writer thing.  (Also, I want to make a reasonable amount of money so that I can eat.)

In more personal news, I'll be living on my college campus for the summer, which will be exciting (I'm living with a chemist, which is always an interesting experience). I just celebrated a one-year anniversary with my boyfriend, and we went to see a live performance of The Book of Mormon (a wonderfully bizarre experience; highly recommended unless you're taking children) and ran a half marathon (also not recommended for children).

I also plan to actually read books this summer.  My reading this spring has been, well, pathetic, but I already have a stack of books to read and I'm ready to plow through them.  I've also gotten into playing Civilization V, which is 100% the fault of Gamer Boyfriend, so I'll be taking over the world a few times.  (I'm Low-Key Kylo Ren on Steam, if you're interested.  Because my sense of humor has not changed since 2012, apparently.)

I'd also really like to start writing a new novel.  Nothing is definite yet, but I have a few ideas... I'll also be revising Untitled Icarus Novel, which still hasn't gotten the revision it deserves.  Or a title, for that matter.

Well, that's me right now.  What are you up to for the summer, or in general?  Any thoughts on what genre direction I should take for my next book?
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